(Blue Ocean Network.com – Sunday June 1, 2014) — Emmy Award winning cinematographer, photographer, scuba diver, and marine conservationist, Shawn Heinrichs will be speaking at the Blue Ocean Business Summit on Friday June 6, 2014.

Shawn Heinrichs makes film to protect Manta Rays

shawn-heinrichs, film maker, manta rays, shark finning, marine conservation, ocean actionAn independent filmmaker and founder of Blue Sphere Media, a production company specializing in underwater, adventure and conservation films, Heinrichs has acquired considerable first-hand knowledge of the oceans most important marine areas.nHeinrichs has been instrumental in show-casing the devastating repercussions of the shark-finning trade, the commercial culling of mantas and the unsustainable killing of that ocean gentle giant, the whale shark.Heinrichs created a viral film, Manta’s Last Dance, to bring awareness to the plight of Manta Ray. His collaborations with WildAid, Conservation International and the Manta Trust have resulted in the establishment of the world’s largest protected area for Mantas.

Indonesia’s Manta Ray Sanctuary stretches for almost 2.3 million square miles (6 million square kilometers). See Mantas Last Dance here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYRiQDJsrXI&feature=kpn


Fashion Shoot with Whale Sharks

shawn-heinrichs, film maker, manta rays, shark finning, marine conservation, ocean actionShawn hatched a plan with fashion/wildlife photographer Kristian Schmidt  to redefine how the world views threatened marine species by creating the world’s most “Extraordinary Fashion Shoot.” The goal of the project off the remote Philippine village of Oslob, was to create a series of stunning images designed to inspire awareness regarding the plight of these amazing plankton-eating creatures and bring their beauty to a global audience.  The photo shoot, involving models Roberta Mancino (a renowned sky-diver and wingsuit flier), professional mermaid Hannah Fraser, ended up on the front page and fashion sections of major newspapers around the world.

As an investigative conservation journalist, Shawn has gone undercover to expose stories in some of the most remote or challenging locations and his work has provided a rare view of the people and some of the more disturbing elements of the endangered species trade.

Shawn is a team member in an upcoming investigative documentary directed by Oscar®-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove). Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Psihoyos assembled a team of artists and activists intent on showing the world never-before-seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction. Whether infiltrating notorious black markets with guerilla-style tactics or exploring the scientific causes affecting changes to the environment, “6” will change the way we see the world and our role within it.

See the 6 Movie trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qrw-fVADtv0&feature=kpnTo learn about the brilliant game-changing work of Shawn Heinrichs and other pioneers trailblazing the brave new blue world we’ll live and work in,

Photo: Courtesy Shawn Heinrichs, BlueSphereMedia.comn