Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Michel Cousteau have teamed up to bring you Wonders of the Sea, an inspiring 85 minute underwater documentary. Wonders of the Sea follows famed filmmaker Jean-Michel Cousteau and his children Celine and Fabien on a voyage of unknown, underwater discovery.


Captured over three years, in locations from Fiji to the Bahamas and the Sea of Cortez, spectacular images show the ocean as it has never been seen before.


3D Film Techniques

WONDERS-OF-THE-SEA-3D Jean-Michel Cousteau Celine and Fabian CousteauCutting edge 3D filming combined with Ultra-HD 4K, slow motion, close up, macro and motion control technology draws viewers into a virtually unknown underwater world.

Wonders of the Sea brings the audience incredible beauty, but also informs on today’s issues that threaten that beauty.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Narrates

wonders of the Sea 3d clownfish sea anemone marine life“When I first saw the footage of this film, I was blown away and I immediately wanted to be involved. It is not only an incredible visual feast but it is also conveying a strong message about the need to protect our ocean.” Said reknown actor and conservationist Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“The perfect use of 3D in this film gives you the feeling that you are actually diving with all these creatures. I am pleased to not only lend my voice to the movie but also to get involved in its promotion.”

Wonders of the Sea 3D debuted in Cannes. The 2018 DEMA Show in Las Vegas will host a private showing next week. Wonders of the Sea will be opening in 700 theaters across North America on January 17, 2019.


Ambassadors of the Sea

Wonders-of-the-Sea-3D_shark and divers

Learn how you can become an Ambassador of the Sea. Join with Arnold Schwartzenegger, The Rock, Leonardo DiCaprio, Giselle, Sting, Morgan Freeman, Ellen DeGeneres and many more, who are spreading the message of Wonders of the Sea to over 100 million of their followers on social media.


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