wdhof, women divers hall of fame, ocean change makers, marine conservation, conservationists(Blue Ocean Network.com – September 22, 2014) — The Women Divers Hall of Fame™  known as WDHOF is a nonprofit dedicated to raising an awareness of outstanding women divers and their contributions to preserving the marine environment and bettering the dive industry.

WDHOF works throughout the world to provide mentorship and educational, financial, and career opportunities to the diving community. Each year, WDHOF awards training grants and scholarships to individuals of all ages. Theses grants provide financial and educational support, particularly to those who are preparing for professional careers in the diving industry.


Scholarships for Study and Internships

The fields in which scholarships are offered include marine biology and conservation; underwater archaeology, journalism, photography and the graphic arts and can be used for tuition and fees, independent research, and internship programs at any accredited university.

Training grants provide funding for scuba training and, in some instances can be used for purchasing scuba equipment. Funds are paid directly to the training facility and/or the equipment vendor; they are NOT paid directly to the grantee.


Learn More

To learn more about these various scholarships and training grants and for online applications go to  http://www.wdhof.org/scholarships/scholarships.shtml

The  mission of the Women Divers Hall of Fame’s is to recognize the contributions of women in the many fields of diving;and promote opportunities and careers in the dive community. Visit www.wdhof.org, email wdhof@wdhof.org