A Mission to Reconnect People with Water


we_are_water_jill_heinerth, ocean filmmaker, cave diver, women in diving, ocean explorerThe world’s top female underwater explorer Jill Heinerth is on a mission to reconnect people to their most precious commodity through her latest documentary, We Are Water. Now available on DVD, We Are Water is a passionate documentary exploring our spiritual and physical connection with water, the source of life.

With breathtaking underwater footage, Jill Heinerth raises public awareness about the earth’s finite water resources and reconnects us with our most precious commodity. We Are Water is an imaginative, entertaining, and enlightening film, illustrating the fragile relationship between our planet’s endangered fresh water resources, and the ever increasing needs of our expanding population.

Into the Heart of the Planet

jill_heinerth, cave diver, women divers, marine explorer, we are water, ocean author, ocean filmmakerAn extreme explorer and technical diver, Jill Heinerth takes We Are Water viewers right into the heart of the planet, swimming through the underground arteries that are the source of all life on earth. From deep underwater caves to the bountiful Great Lakes of her ancestral home, Jill shares her fantastic expeditions on, above, and inside the planet.

Beginning with a Mother’s water breaking at the birth of a child, the We Are Water project celebrates our intimate relationship with water. From children joyfully diving from a concrete jetty, to a refreshing sip of ice cold water on a hot summer day, audiences learn how water nourishes and replenishes our bodies, minds and spirits.

A Role in Human culture

The film entices viewers with the natural beauty of our watery world, challenging them to make simple changes to protect and preserve the earth’s clean water. With segments exploring our spiritual connection to water, from ancient mythology to today’s full immersion baptisms, We Are Water reveals the significant role water has played in human culture through the ages.

We Are Water balances narrative documentary with adventure filmmaking. While educating the audience about how each of us is intertwined with our local water supplies, this film provides a glimpse at Jill’s remarkable life from a shy, young Canadian graphic artist, to the top female technical diver in the world. With an extraordinary spirit of discovery, Jill’s compelling message is to educate, inform and inspire audiences to be better caretakers of the each other, and the planet.


Ocean Author, Ocean filmmaker

An award-winning underwater adventure filmmaker, Jill Heinerth has written, produced, and appeared in a number of PBS, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic documentaries, taking viewers on travels through the worlds greatest water systems. During her career, Heinerth has dived inside giant icebergs in Antarctica, dived under the Ural mountains of Siberia and has explored deeper into the planet than any woman in history. Hollywood directors call on her to produce difficult underwater scenes and international magazines and websites look to Jill to document extreme environments with high technology.

The We Are Water documentary is available through Amazon. The DVD is region free and will play in any modern DVD player or computer DVD drive.  DVD’s are packaged in an environmentally friendly eco-pack made of recycled materials to reduce shipping costs and use of raw materials.   Visit We are Water for details and visit Amazon to purchase.