“A world where everyone has access to clean drinking water” is the highly commendable vision of the Belgian sustainable water company BOSAQ. While an English company Veragon innovates by taking humidity from the air and transforms it into clean, drinking water. Efforts that make both companies very appropriate subjects for commemorating Water Quality Month.

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The BOSAQ website offers insight into what motivates them:

  • 844 Million People lack access to a basic drinking water service
  • 1.8 billion people globally use a contaminated drinking water source
  • 1 million water related deaths occur every year. Every 90 seconds a child dies.
  • By 2025, 50% of the world’s population will be living water-stressed areas

Rural communities around the world constantly experience the curse of poor drinking water whether it be high child mortality from water borne diseases or expending endless hours transporting water over long distances.


BOSAQ Benefits

BOSAQ logo drinking water quality water quality monthSolar AQ, the company’s product, “is a modular water purification system that converts salt, brackish and fresh water into drinking water.” Powered with solar, hydro or wind energy, especially useful for off-grid locations around the globe.

bosaq drinking water purification crisis water quality monthA cheap, steady, self-sustainable and easily accessible source of pure drinking water means freeing up time for education, agriculture and building a more sustainable local economy.

Solar AQ produces no waste thereby reducing the community’s impact on the environment. Each unit is customized to fit the specific requirements of the community it serves and its’ “intuitive design makes for an easy installation” and maintenance. Plus, since the units are remotely monitored help is available when the need arises.

Solar AQ’s easy installation and mobile, off-grid energy capability makes it a perfect solution to the challenges of disaster relief.

BOSAQ donates 10% of profits to, Water Heroes, its’ self-managed, non-profit organization, which distributes BOSAQ water purification systems to those communities most in need.


Water from Air

Veragon’sveragon logo water from air water quality month technology takes humidity from the air and transforms it into drinking water. The systems have been tested by NGOs, peacekeeping forces and humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

Veragon’s systems are environmentally friendly, helping to “reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating the transportation, storage, distribution and disposal of plastic water bottles.”

Veragon air to water system drinkable water crisis water quality month“Water is one of the world’s most scarce and precious resources. But water vapour is a limitless resource. It is all around us. And as long as there is relative humidity of 10-20%, the Veragon unit will simply and sustainably transform that water vapour into pure mineral water. The system can be operated indefinitely without any impact on global water reserves.”

The ‘Air to Water’ Technology can make a huge difference to our planet by providing a sustainable source of pure water to support the present and future generations.”

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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