What is most satisfactory about what we have accomplished with Wakatobi is we have shown that businesses can accomplish great things not only for their customers but also for the environment. At Wakatobi I feel that we are in a “for-everyone’s-profit business.” ~  Henrik Rosen

Henrik Rosen, Wakatobi, eco-dive resort, eco-tourism, sustainable dive resort, sustainable travel, coral reef, sustainable diving, Having joined very early to assist in setting up of the resort Henrik Rosen spent over a decade bringing Wakatobi from an unknown entity into one of the world’s most well-known eco-dive resorts.

With a background in construction engineering Henrik initially worked on infrastructure projects such as the construction of dive boats and establishing the resort’s powerplant and the airport (he was instrumental in getting the operational permit through negotiations with the Indonesian Ministry of Aviation).


Building a sustainable dive resort


Henrik then devoted himself to making the -until then completely unknown – destination called Wakatobi a world-renowned brand. Through this process Henrik learned some very important lessons that would serve any sustainable dive resort well. First, that sustainable practices can not only protect the marine environment but improve it. Second, a sustainable business must involve the local community and empower them to protect their own resources. Third, and this is an unfortunate lesson, underwater photographers and live-aboards can have a detrimental impact on the coral reefs if they don’t follow responsible sustainable diver protocol. Consequently, it must be one of the responsibilities of the dive resort to introduce ocean literacy programs and insure that their divers will dive responsibly and cause no harm to the coral reef environment. With Wakatobi, Henrik seems to have succeeded in all of these sustainable practices.

Henrik has exhibited Wakatobi at over one hundred trade shows on five continents and is a frequent speaker at trade events due to his humorous and engaging presentations

After many years in Asia and the USA he’s now splitting his time between…well, all the nations of the world. Having dived since 1990 in as diverse waters as the Baltic Sea, all over Southeast Asia, Galapagos, California and the US east coast he nowadays finds the most pleasure while diving with a high definition video camera in hand. Henrik is comfortable speaking Swedish & English as well as conversational Indonesian, German and French.


Running a world renown sustainable, eco-dive resort


To learn more about running a world renown, sustainable dive resort listen to Henrik’s entire interview at: Blue Ocean Summit 2014: Henrik Rosen. Or visit Henrik Rosen’s Wakatobi Resort where you can read the Wakatobi Diving Philosophy and learn about Wakatobi’s Photography Do’s and Don’ts. And for the Wakatobi comments on Divers and the Environment go here: https://www.wakatobi.com/articles/divingenvironment.html

Half a World away from Wakatobi Jennifer Miles and Neil Van Niekerk have done wonderful things to turn their 50’s Fishing Club into a Green Globe Resort, making the Southern Cross Club on Little Cayman into one of the leading and sustainable, dive destinations in the Caribbean. To read Jennifer and Neil’s complete article see Ocean Profiles: Jennifer Miles and Neil Van Niekerk