This was a year in which the ocean was repeatedly in the News. To their credit the media focused much needed attention on the serious issues plaguing our oceans. Plastic pollution, climate change, the health of our coral reefs and red tide were all subjects that were brought to the public’s attention. Also several documentary series were “must viewing.” So here’s our picks for the Viral videos of 2018, plus make sure you read our article on the “Top Ocean Issues of 2018.”


Blue Planet II

David Attenborough’s BBC series Blue Planet II although released in 2017 did not hit our TV screens in North America until 2018. The series brings us some of the most spectacular ocean footage ever captured as it also describes the ocean’s, most pressing issues.


Dramatic Documentaries

The PBS/Discovery Channel offered the 4 part series “Sinking Cities” that focuses on rising sea levels and the devastation that will be inflicted on four of the world’s major cities: New York, Tokyo, London and Miami. Here’s the preview for Sinking Cities: Miami.

To best understand what is being done to counter climate change, National Geographic’s “Paris to Pittsburg” is a must see.


Our Picks for Viral Videos of 2018

There were also a number of videos that captured our attention and went viral. Here are our picks for the Viral Videos of 2018.


1, Orca Mother refuses to abandon dead calf

For 17 days the media brought us updates on a mother orca as she carried her dead calf, refusing to let it go. Obviously grieving, Tahlequah, as she was known to the local indigenous people focused our attention on the plight of her small pod of Southern Resident Orcas off Vancouver Island. Now numbering less than 75 members the J35 pod has been in steep decline, endangered by shipping, loss of fish stocks and pollution.

Tahlequah’s tale brought a serious controversy to light. On the one hand conservationists wanting to protect the orcas, facing off against huge commercial interests wanting to expand oil pipelines that will inevitably increase shipping in the already busy Salish Sea. Here’s Tahlequah’s video.

Unfortunately, our first viral video in 2017 was a similar story showing a mother pilot whale carrying her dead calf, seen in the BBC, Blue Planet II series.


2, “So Much Plastic” Diver finds plastic pollution off Bali

Bali has long been an iconic island destination, but this video showed that something is tragically wrong in paradise.


3, Fisherman jumps on whale to cut it loose

There isn’t much you can say about this heart stopping video, except we’re glad he did’nt have second thoughts before he took the plunge.


4, Plastic Island Penguins

This video gave us a dramatic vision of our future in a world of plastic. A colony of penguins living on a frozen, island of plastic debris floating in the far South Pacific. As it turned out the video was fabricated, done to focus attention on the plight of marine life trying to survive surrounded by all that plastic.


5, Whale saves Diver from Shark

Whales will never stop amazing us!


6, Big Bird Pelican Learns to Fish

Big Bird has developed quite a fan club with over eight million viewers watching his progress via a number of videos.


7, Florida Red Tide

No single video on this event went viral but the number of videos on Florida’s ongoing Red Tide is now in the hundreds, as the story continues to go viral. Here’s one.


8, Olive Ridley Turtles return to Versova Beach after 20 Yrs

Rare Turtles return to Mumbai after the world’s largest beach clean-up. A fabulous moment in a continuing story.


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