Ecoalf, a Spanish sportswear company, has introduced new products to its Ocean Waste collection with footwear recycled from single-use ocean plastic. Each pair of Shao trainers is manufactured using five plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean Sea.


Logo-Ecoalf-recycling ocean plastic pollutionThe Shao trainers feature a black knitted upper sole that fits like a sock produced with a yarn processed from plastic waste. An invasive algae that grows in fresh water rivers and lakes is the source for the high performance foam used in the outsole.

“By not utilising conventional foam, we are also reducing the consumption of oil, which is a main component of the traditional material. Instead you wear the most sustainable performance driven foam in the world,” said Javier Goyeneche founder of Ecoalf.

Since “Our Upcycling the Oceans initiative began in Spain in 2015.. we’ve taken out 250 tons of waste from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea with the support of 3,000 fishermen in 33 ports.”


Plastic bottles (Ecoalf has recycled 30 million so far), abandoned fishing nets (ghost gear), recycled cotton and wool and even used coffee grounds have become sources for over 250 materials that are used in the Ecoalf sustainable fashion line


Transforming Waste Sustainably and Profitably

ecoalf fashion from recycled ocean plastic -“It is not easy,” says Goyeneche “It’s hard to find the right technology to transform waste into high quality recycled materials and factories with the capabilities of manufacturing our goods properly.”

But the company that began in 2009 is growing rapidly and plans to introduce a line of swimwear made from recycled plastics in 2019.

See Ecoalf’s complete line of products here from warm down jackets (produced using 80 recycled plastic bottles) to totes and backpacks. Ecoalf has just launched its Ocean Waste Collection in the UK this September and you can purchase online.


Inspiring Others

“We hope that Ecoalf will inspire others to transition to utilizing recycled materials,” Goyeneche added.

by Blue Ocean Network


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