plastic ocean, plastic pollution in the ocean, world issue, global action, marine conservation, sustainable choices, There is big news to report regarding our battle with Ocean Plastic Pollution. On February 23, the UN Environment announced an unprecedented global campaign to eliminate the major sources of plastic pollution in the ocean. The CleanSeas campaign was launched at the Economist World Ocean Summit held in Bali and addresses the major issues of microplastic debris, microbeads in cosmetics and single-use plastic that contributes so overwhelmingly to this problem.

The campaign is urging industry globally to minimize plastic in packaging and calling on consumers to adopt more sustainable practices in their use of everyday throwaway plastics.


“It is past time that we tackle the plastic problem that blights our oceans.”

“Plastic pollution is surfing onto Indonesian beaches, settling onto the ocean floor at the North Pole, and rising through the food chain onto our dinner tables. We’ve stood by too long as the problem has gotten worse. It must stop.” Urged the head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim. See a related article in Mother Jones on plastic polluition reaching into Arctic waters: We’re trashing the Arctic. Literally.


Ten Countries Join in UN Environment Campaign

smog of the sea, plastic pollution in ocean, ocean plastics, microbeads, microplastics, UN Environment, sustainable choicesTen countries have already pledged their participation in the UN Environment campaign, including Indonesia that has committed to a 70% reduction of plastic marine litter by 2025. Celebrities have added their voices to the campaign. Singer Jack Johnson pledged to share with his fans the need to reduce single-use plastics. In addition Johnson is promoting The Smog of the Sea, a new documentary highlighting microplastics in the world’s oceans.

Johnson adds, “I support the Clean Seas campaign because I believe there are better alternatives to single-use disposable plastics, and that we as consumers can encourage innovation and ask businesses to take responsibility for the environmental impact of the products they produce.” (photo – the Smog of the Sea) Plus see our Action Agenda to Clean-Up Our Ocean, a list of actions that you can do supplied by the National wildlife Refuge System.


Dell Computer to Use Ocean Plastics Recovered From the Sea

dell computer, recycled plastic, ocean plastic, UN environment, microplastics, plastic packaging, microbeads, sustainable choicesDell computer joined the fight by announcing that it will be using plastics removed from the sea and recycled as packaging for their products. Dell’s Vice President for Global Operations stated “DELL is committed to putting technology and expertise to work for a plastic-free ocean.” Dell is just one of a number of international corporations that have pledged support for the UN initiative. See our Blue Ocean posts on what Adidas is doing to recycle ocean plastics: In the Swim with Plastics Recovered from the Sea and Your Next Pair of Running Shoes can be made of Recycled Ocean Plastics.


 UN Environment Urges Everyone to Make Sustainable Choices

UN environment, ocean plastics, sustainable choices, marine conservation, ocean pollution, “The Ocean is the lifeblood of our planet, yet we are poisoning it with millions of tons of plastic every year. The time has come to turn the tide on marine litter” said Peter Thomson, President of the UN General Assembly. “As the world’s nations prepare for The Ocean Conference to be held in New York, 5 – 9  June, I urge all of them to join the Clean Seas campaign and make an ambitious pledge to reduce single-use plastic. Be it a tax on plastic bags or a ban on microbeads in cosmetics, each country needs to do their bit to maintain the integrity of life in the Ocean.”

See Blue Ocean posts: What You Can Do to Stop Ocean Plastic Debris and find out what is being done to make the common garbage bag compostable: Sailing Through the Garbage Bag Sea and a Tasty Alternative


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