Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the places and moments that take our breath away.
Mark Twain


As an Ocean Traveler, you will have a massive impact on the kind of experiences and destinations you visit. Your choices will determine if that impact is good or ill, and can leave a lasting impression on the ocean environment and the local communities that depend on that environment. Sustainable travel choices can become a tool for marine conservation and can benefit local people.

Owners of the dive resorts, that we visit will also benefit from these articles, finding a template for turning their resort into an eco-resort, turning their operation into a sustainable business and profiting from today’s travelers who desire a sustainable travel experience.

Citizen Scientists and Voluntourism

The next time you plan a vacation consider making it more meaningful by becoming a Citizen Scientist. As a citizen scientist there is a voluntourism program for you whether its reef restoration, fish counts, whale sightings, water quality surveys, invasive species monitoring or turtle watches and so much more. Find out more on our Citizens and Science Page.

Summit 2015: Global Perspectives

Summit 2015: Global Perspectives

The unprecedented environmental ocean issues impacting our Blue Planet today: Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Species Extinction and Pollution are issues that are numbing in their complexity and size, and can only be addressed with a Global Response. Blue Ocean...

Changing the Consumer Dialogue in Asia  – Sharon Kwok

Changing the Consumer Dialogue in Asia – Sharon Kwok

“It is a form of evangelism, but it’s conservation. It’s helping everyone realize that every single person can make a difference in their daily lives through their choices, be it how they eat, the kind of energy they use and even what they use and how they dispose of...

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