(December 12 2017)  Blue Ocean Network is just back from DEMA Show 2017. BON is a member of DEMA and has sent credentialed media representatives to the show since 2009. The annual Diving Equipment and Marketing Association Show is where the scuba diving and marine tourism industries come together to talk shop, do deals and learn more.

dema show 2017In the past ten years, we’ve seen a surprising increase in the number of manufacturers who are on a sustainable mission or supporting citizen scientists and image makers who are. To this end, we present our picks for the top five conservation-minded manufacturers at DEMA Show 2017:

1 Fourth Element

fourth element logo scuba diving equipment dema show 2017Fourth Element is leading the way in the industry by researching and producing new products and new ways of keeping it sustainable. Their “ocean positive” outlook and line includes swimwear made from ECONYL, nylon recycled from ghost fishing nets and X-Core, self-heating vests REPREVE- a fiber made from recycled post-consumer waste. With a mission to eliminate all single-use plastic from their product packaging by 2020, support this company by buying some styling gear at www.fourthelement.com


2. Stream2Sea

stream2Sea_sunsreen, biodegradabl, sustainable lifestyle dema show 2017What can every ocean lover do to help our ocean? Let’s start with protection—protection of our skin and of our environment! Stream2Sea has done their homework to make sure their sunscreens and hair products don’t kill coral

With popular destinations like Bonaire following Hawaii’s lead and banning sunscreens containing oxybenzone, reef-friendly Stream2Sea will give you and the ocean some protection. Stream2Sea.com


oceans eye logo citizen scientist dema show 20173. Oceans Eye

With citizen science a rapidly growing niche market, citizen science company Sea Crowd focused on promoting their newest wearable technology “Oceans Eye.” This 4-inch scientific sensor will automatically gather research-quality oceanographic data such as salinity, light, and depth that will be shared with marine scientists. Seacrowd.com


4. OpenROV

dema show 2017 openrov logoAn open source robotic submarine designed to make underwater exploration possible for everyone, OpenROV.com started out as a project among friends to get to the bottom of an underwater cave rumored to contain buried treasure.  OpenROV has grown into a company and online community of  professional and amateur ROV enthusiasts who are working together to create powerful new tools for underwater exploration. OpenROV.com


5. 360 Rize

360rize-logo dema show 2017360 is on the “RIZE” and this company is working towards making a user friendly, compact, and affordable 360 camera, housing and software to make 360 more accessible and easy for scuba divers. We love their VR TRADE UP program where current users can trade in their current 3D printed rigs for a newer version at 50% of – the turned in rig will be donated to a school of your choice to further their mission of education!  www.360rize.com


About DEMA

DEMA is a non-profit trade association based in San Diego, California, representing the business and consumer interests of the recreational scuba and snorkel diving industries all over the world. DEMA’s mission is to bring businesses together to grow the diving industry worldwide. Protecting our marine and aquatic environments is an issue around which diving businesses around the country can and do come together. For more information visit DEMA and the DEMA Show 2017.

Blue Ocean Network


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