On April 22nd, the world celebrated Earth Day. Now we need to ask: how can we continue to celebrate Earth Day beyond one day? What steps can each of us take to lower our personal impact and protect the planet every day? What products can we do without or replace with ones that are more sustainable? How can we conserve or cut waste? What can you do to help the planet?

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EcoWatch Logo planet earth day sustainable conservation tips, protect the Planet Every Day!I am an avid reader of EcoWatch. In celebration of #EarthDay18, they asked each of their writers to suggest tips for making the world a better place. These are people that are into conservation issues every day; they have good, well-seasoned ideas. Here, they share with you their favorite sustainable products, an essential tool, and/or a tip to help in living mindfully.

Lorraine Chow, Reporter

Favorite Product: Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap

It’s Earth-friendly, lasts for months. It can be used as soap, shampoo, all-purpose cleaner, and even mouthwash (but I wouldn’t recommend that).

Essential Tool: Blender

It has paid for itself in homemade smoothies, soups, sauces and dips. It also means I don’t have to buy those individual foods in unnecessary plastic containers. Blending scraps helps your compost, too!

Earth Day Tip: Skip the straw

Olivia Rosane, Reporter

Favorite Product: Seventh Generation products

Their household cleaning and personal care products are a great way to take care of yourself and your home in a way that is safe both for your health and the planet. Plus, their packaging is made from recycled materials and is designed to be recycled again.

Essential Tool: My portable thermos

I bring it with me when I order coffee or tea to go. That way I don’t have to use paper cups, which are not actually recyclable, and some coffee shops even offer me a discount for bringing my own container!

Earth Day Tip: Get involved

Tara Bracco, Managing Editor

Favorite Product: Collapsible water bottle

Whether you’re traveling or running errands, a reusable water bottle that’s light and compact will help keep you hydrated and keep you from buying bottled water.

Essential Tool: Backpack

It’s great for carrying your groceries home from the store, and you won’t have to use plastic bags. If you have a long shopping list, try a rolling suitcase.

Earth Day Tip: Don’t waste water

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. It can save eight gallons of water a day!

Chris McDermott, News Editor

Favorite Product: Clothes from Patagonia

Patagonia makes a wide range of inspired products and their environmental policies are world class. They use only organic cotton in their clothes, and they even offer trade-ins, recycling and repairs at any time.

Essential Tool: RIVER mobile power station and solar generator

This powerful piece of mind is always ready regardless of storms and travel, for as long as one can tap the sun.

Earth Day Tip: Savor something vegan

There’s no nutritional substitute for fresh, unprocessed food, but food science has revolutionized the taste and texture of vegan alternatives. For the pure delight of it, celebrate with Miyoko’s Kitchen vegan cheese, Tofurky Italian sausage (30 grams of protein per serving!) and SoDelicious non-dairy dark chocolate truffle frozen dessert made with cashew milk.

Irma Omerhodzic, Associate Editor

Favorite Product: Living Libations’s Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Unlike sunscreen, this skin product works with the sun and helps absorb the nutrients from the sun’s rays while giving skin protection at the same time.

“Rather than being afraid of the sun, harmonize with it,” Living Libations says. Love it!

Essential Tool: My bike

Not only is this an emission-free way to get around town, but it also gives my body the activity it needs.

Earth Day Tip: Start small

Your one “small” action isn’t small at all.

Jordan Simmons, Social Media Coordinator

Favorite Product: Sustainable clothing by Amanda Sage Collection

Designer Lana Gurevich uses patterns from Amanda’s transformative paintings to create an ethically and environmentally conscious clothing line. While supporting local businesses and an eco-friendly printing method, the fabrics are made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

Essential Tool: My paintbrush and set of mineral paints

I found the all natural, biodegradable mineral paints at a local farmers’ market in the Sacred Valley of Peru. I used to favor working with acrylic paints until I learned about their high carbon footprint and harmful substances.

Earth Day Tip: Honor Mother Earth

Gather some of Mother Nature’s gifts such as stones, beautiful dried leaves and feathers. Set them in a special place in your home to create a unique “altar” to remind you to honor your Mother each and every day. Find peace and blessings in loving our home—the earth.

Thanks to everyone at EcoWatch for your great suggestions.


The Earth Day Network adds their own tips!

Earth Day Network logo, protect the Planet Every Day!The Network has a lot of good tips and offers something that will work for everyone. Many are easy and no-brainers, others a bit more ambitious. Start with buying local food. Water your lawn in the early hours to avoid evaporation and cut down on water consumption. Compost kitchen scraps for your organic garden. Just like your dad said “turn off the lights” (I LOVE THAT ONE) and cut your consumption of electricity. Install solar panels. You can find the entire list here.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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