“With growing concern globally about climate change and ocean acidification, it becomes  critical for the field of marine citizen science to contribute ways for the public to monitor the effects of such changes on various ‘keystone’ ocean species.”


Tide Pool Monitoring Program

visitcalifornia.com tidepool, citizen science, scientist, ocean, coast, marine life, starfish, anemone, tide pool program ocean scanctuaryIn addition to its other marine citizen science programs, Ocean Sanctuaries is pleased to announce the rollout of a Tide Pool monitoring program available to the general public.

It will utilize the widely available and easy to use iNaturalist citizen science data collection app, to enable members of the general public to photograph and upload the most common types of species they find, to the database at the California Academy of Sciences, where experts are available to evaluate these data. (photo – visitcalifornia)

iNaturalist’s  smartphone  phone app now utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to assist citizen scientists  in determining species and genus. A free account with iNaturalist and at least one photograph is required.
Find out more by visiting: Tide Pool Project


Citizen Scientists Can Contribute

la jolla tidepool, (c) Scott Davenport, marine life, ocean sanctuaries california coastline, citizen science, scientist

More and more, citizen scientists are in a unique position to contribute observations about keystone species so that scientists can evaluate the ongoing impacts of climate change and ocean acidification. (photo – Scott Davenport)

Look for upcoming posts describing additional Citizen Science Projects offered by Ocean Sanctuaries including their Shark Identification Programs and the ongoing monitoring of an artificial reef created by the sinking of the warship HMCS Yukon. Sunk in 2000, in waters off San Diego, the 366 foot long warship has become a home for marine life and an international diving destination.

By Michael Bear, Citizen Science Director


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