To celebrate both Shark Week and Shark Awareness Day, we are bringing you videos of some very bizarre sharks that you might have missed on your last dive. Looking at these videos, you might be glad that you did.

Large and small, some inhabit very deep waters, some not so deep, some glow in the dark and some have unique capabilities to either lure prey or avoid predators. All in all, they are some very strange ocean creatures.


The Frilled Shark, a Living Fossil

The Frilled Shark might be one of the strangest creatures that you might never want to encounter on a dive. Considered a living fossil this ancient, rare and very bizarre shark is seldom encountered alive or near the surface.


The Viper Shark, don’t tangle with its teeth

Recently found in the waters off Taiwan, these “Viper sharks” have needle-like teeth in extendable jaws and if that was not enough, they glow in the dark.


The Lantern Shark glows in the dark

The lantern shark lives up to its name. It generates its own bioluminescence, a protective capability allowing it to warn off predators or blend invisibly with surrounding waters.


The Neon Green Swell Sharks, Swells

Apparently not a very swift swimmer, when threatened, the Swell Shark can gulp down large quantities of water that swell its size to twice normal, making it difficult for a predator to eat.


Dogfish and Sleeper Shark

The sleeper shark is big, growing up to 20 feet in length. Larger than a Great White, it’s the largest deep water shark.


The Megamouth Shark

Seen again thirty years after first being discovered, the Megamouth shark equals in size that of the Great White. It eats krill that seems to be drawn by a glow produced in the shark’s mouth.


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