wavestar_energy_parks, sustainabloe energy, sustainable choices, sustainable businwessA revolutionary technology has been created to meet the planet’s energy needs.  The Wavestar Energy project features a power station that converts the kinetic energy of the ocean into electricity. Located in Denmark, the WaveStar machine taps into the energy of ocean waves with kinetic energy harvesters called “Floats” which move up and down with the rise and fall of the sea.


Wave Energy for the Future

Wave energy will play a crucial role in securing our energy future, but only machines that can withstand the strongest storms will survive. The Wave Star’s unique storm protection system, one of the many patented aspects of the design, guarantees the machine’s sea survivability and represents a real milestone in the development of wave energy machines.


About Danfoss

Danfoss, the engineering company behind the machine holds a vision beyond producing alternative energy. They want to power a movement in the alternative energy industry, where clean and elegant solutions work together to meet the planet’s power needs.

According to Wavestar Technical Manager Laurent Marquis, Denmark has been a leading producer of windmill parks. Wavestar can be combined together with wind energy and solar energy to create an “energy park” which provides a very interesting vision for the future of energy.  When alternative energy solutions join forces to produce clean energy, everyone wins with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

In the development phase, the Wavestar has been scaled according to stringent scaling laws from 1/40 to 1/10. Now operating at 1/2 scale, the machine has proved itself as a viable alternative energy source since 2009. The company is now creating a full scale 1 MW machine with plans to make it available for sale in 2017.


the Wavestar Vision

The Wave Star vision has been evolving for well over a decade. Sailing enthusiasts Niels and Keld Hansen came up with the concept behind Wave Star in 2000, but the idea originated when they were sailing near their parents’ summer house. They began to talk about how they could harness the powerful forces beneath them. Danfoss purchased the rights to the machine in 2003 after seeing the huge commercial potential of wave energy. The Hansen Brothers remain as consultants at Wave Star while the Clausen brothers, the family behind Danfoss, are now the main shareholders.

For details visit Wavestar.com.