We started in our own backyard and we look at our sewage treatment systems and some of their problems and solutions then we work our way all the way down to the ocean. We cover climate change… over fishing, plastic pollution.~ Vicki Nichols Goldstein

Vicki Nichols Goldstein, sustainable dive industry, sustainable diving, ocean issues, blue the Dive, sustainable travel, ocean activistWith 25 years of ocean advocacy on both US coasts, Vicki Nichol Goldstein knows how to start a movement. Vicki founded the Colorado Ocean Coalition – an inland movement to create a unified voice for ocean protection in the US mountain states. Along with enthusiastic ocean lovers and dive business owners, Vicki co-founded:


Blue The Dive promotes sustainable business practices in the dive industry.


In her Blue Ocean Summit 2015 interview, Vicki shares BTD’s early wins and its challenges along with collaborations, expansion, and future plans.

Vicki has worked in the non-profit and ocean conservation field from Washington DC to Santa Cruz, CA addressing a multitude of ocean issues including off-shore vessel traffic, sustainable seafood, MPA’s and fisheries interactions. She holds a Master’s degree in environmental studies and marine policy from Yale. She directed the marine advocacy organization Save Our Shores and facilitated community dialogue on numerous marine issues while creating successful education outreach programs.

Vicki worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where she developed national oil spill contingency plans and co-wrote the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Designation (MBNMS) documents. Vicki chaired the California Oil Spill Technical Advisory Committee and served on the MBNMS Advisory Council as Chair of Conservation.

She took her ocean protection and marine conservation experience to Boulder where she founded the Colorado Ocean Coalition. COCO programs include Blue the Dive, the Ocean Ambassador Certification Program and the Inland Ocean Movement.


Nearly four hundred ocean activists attended the 2015 Blue Vision Summit in Washington DC


Vicki recently attended the 2015 Blue Vision Summit in Washington DC where three to four hundred ocean activists from all US states met with their representatives on the hill to discuss ocean issues including if the east coast should be opened up to off shore oil drilling. After being assured by many of their representatives that off shore drilling was now safe and efficient, there was a massive oil spill off Santa Barbara, Ca. the day before this interview.

Vicki and her groups continue to create initiatives involving marine education programs, sustainable travel, and political action. She has this to say “One way that people can own it is to become an Ocean Ambassador. Be part of Blue the Dive, be part of the solution. It’s the way to go.”


Find out about Blue the Dive, Making Waves and the Blue Vision Summit


To find out more about all of the programs Vicki is involved with like Blue the Dive, Making Waves and the Blue Vision Summit hear Vicki’s entire interview at the Blue Ocean Summit 2015: Vicki Nichols Goldstein. If you want to sign up for the newsletter at Blue the Dive, find out more here: http://bluethedive.org/. Or you can visit the Colorado Ocean Coalition here: http://coloradoocean.org/

Dr. Martina Milanese is a marine biologist and a diving instructor and another of our Blue Ocean Summit 2015 speakers. For Martina, it’s all about exploring people and nature, discovering how deeply linked they are, reconnecting them when the link is severed. However, both humans and the seas are diverse and complex, Martina knows that a holistic approach is the way forward. Find out what Martina has to say about the Green Bubbles program that emphasizes sustainable diving training and protecting our coral reefs. See Martina’s article at Ocean Profiles: Dr. Martina Milanese.