“What fish should I eat that’s good for me and good for the planet?”

richard eskite, sustainable salmon, sustainable seafood, the fish on my plateThis was the question that best selling author and lifelong fisherman Paul Greenberg asked himself as he traveled the world eating fish! You can see what answers Paul came away with during his yearlong quest, eating fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You are in store for some surprising revelations about the fish on all of our plates. Did you know that the piece of fish on your restaurant plate can travel an average of 5,000 miles before you take a bite. (photo – Richard Eskite)

With people worldwide consuming more seafood than ever, The Fish on My Plate explores questions of sustainability and overfishing — taking us to Norway, where modern fish farming was invented; Peru, to witness the world’s largest wild fishery; and Alaska, where more than 200 million salmon are expected to be caught this year.


The Fish On My Plate: a Frontline Special

Watch The Fish On My Plate, a Frontline special event on your local PBS Public Broadcasting Station, or watch it online beginning at 10pm, EST and 9pm CST.


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