solar wind 3, US renewable energy, solar power, wind power, alternative energy, sustainable energy, sustainable business, sustainable choicesThe advances made in clean energy over the last several years have been truly inspiring and offer hope that mankind may actually be coming to grips with the challenges of climate change and global warming. (photo – solarwind 3)

Wind farms sprout across the landscape like dandelions in the spring, while vast solar arrays supply energy to cities from Lahore to Los Angeles. Tesla offers integrated systems with solar roof tiles that power your home and also your car. See: Tesla’s Astonishing Transition in 2016 is Ocean-Friendly.


Solar on the Sea?

Obviously clean energy has become the preferred power solution for our homes, offices and transportation in the future. But what are we missing here? These are all land applications and since Blue Ocean is water based, what about applications for lakes, lagoons and oceans?

The sad reality is there aren’t many and this is a real issue for island nations and coastal cities like Sydney that have fleets of ferries. The largest energy use in Fiji, is boat transportation, draining 58% of the country’s available power, a huge problem for countries that must survive on imported oil.

SoelCat 12, solar energy, So, when we heard about the SoelCat 12 we were pleased that someone was addressing this issue. The SoelCat 12 is a product of the Dutch company Soel Yachts and it offers a sustainable alternative that could have an enormous impact in the future. The SoelCat 12, is a 16-person, solar sustainable catamaran, built in New Zealand that was launched in Auckland June 25, 2017.

The immediate commercial applications of the SoelCat 12 are as water taxi and dive boat. As Joep Koster co-founder of Soel Yachts proudly explains, “the SoelCat 12 reduces all disturbing sound and CO2 emissions in our harbours, lagoons and oceans”. With the SoelCat 12 leading the way the potential for expanded applications is huge.

The boat’s propulsion system offers a cruising speed of 8 knots for 6 hours running exclusively on battery power and a top speed of 14 knots. A 24 hour range is available with a speed of 6 knots even if cruising over-night. All of this plus a quiet, comfortable ride.


Mobile Power Station

An additional benefit is available during downtime when the vessel becomes a mobile power station supplying sufficient energy for up to 5 households. This a tremendous advantage for water based resorts wishing to become self-sufficient eco-tourism destinations.

The SoelCat 12 is engineered as a smart modular vessel, that can be disassembled and transported to locations worldwide at very low rates via two 40ft containers. More information is available on

by Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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