Join the Defenders of Wildlife and Help To Save Sharks

Here are some interesting facts about sharks. It is thought that between 26 and 73 million sharks are killed annually just for their fins. Although it has been reported that 100 million sharks were killed for their fins in 2012 alone. Because of their slow reproductive rates, sharks are especially vulnerable to overfishing resulting in some species of sharks having declined by up to 80% over the last 50 years. Presently there are nearly 40 species of sharks that are listed as threatened and since sharks are apex predators (in other words at the top of the food chain) this decline in shark populations has an enormous impact on the entire ocean ecology.


Stop Shark Finning

shark-fins, shark finning, over fishing, conservation, ocean issues, ocean actionWhen shark fins are harvested it often is a brutal process with their fins being hacked off while the shark is still alive. Then the shark is thrown back into the sea, however since it is no longer able to swim, it slowly sinks often dying of suffocation, shock or blood loss. All of this happens for soup.  When you know the details that cup of shark fin soup no longer tastes quite the same. There has been some progress made over the last few years to eliminate shark finning; restaurants in some countries have banned serving soup made from shark fins, but there is still a lot to do.

One approach is to stop the importation or shipment of shark fins which brings us to our current petition. UPS and DHL have ceased shipping shark fins, this was a major victory in shark conservation, however FedEx has not, consequently you can join with the Defenders of Wildlife to call on FedEx to ban their shipping of shark products.

Sign This Petition

You can see their petition at: and join the tens of thousands of supporters that have already signed. We hope you will sign and also check out the other very worthy causes for which we have posted petitions like:

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