Blue Ocean Network has long been outspoken it its opposition to the international trade in shark fins. We are alarmed by the recent attempts by Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis to overturn his country’s ban on the export of shark fins.


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In 2013 the former president Laura Chinchilla and Costa Rican conservationists led an international campaign to include hammerhead sharks in Appendix II of CITES thereby limiting the international trade in hammerhead shark fins. Costa Rica then became one of the world’s few countries to ban the export of hammerhead shark fins. (photo – south china morning post)

Subsequently, over eight tons of shark fins were confiscated by the government and stockpiled, which brings us to the current president Luis Guillermo Solis and his very different policies. Two official national, scientific panels have determined that the sale of these shark fins would undermine the CITES Agreement and have a serious, detrimental impact on the survival of the endangered hammerheads.

However, Solis has disregarded the panel’s recommendations and is determined to push ahead with the sale of the stock pile. He has also appointed an entity controlled by private fisheries as the new scientific body charged with making the final decision on the export of hammerhead shark fins.


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by Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network

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