trade 360, ADEX, Scuba 360 business forumThis year at ADEX Singapore (April 7-9, 2017), the scuba diving industry will gather for its 22ndyear to celebrate all things underwater. ADEX is a consumer dive and travel show that has become known for putting conservation issues on the main stage; and this year is no different with the Climate Change theme front and center. Yet something unprecedented for the dive industry will launch in a quiet conference room below the exhibit floor, well before the ADEX show officially opens. The Scuba360 Business Forum.


Gathering for a Deeper Purpose.

It’s clear that the ocean, a silent dive business partner, is changing, and consumer behaviour is changing with it. The dive industry has reached a tipping point and it’s clearly time to face and adapt to the new realities. Yet many dive businesses continue to run an old business model – to their detriment. A pro-active group of industry people will discuss the waves of change hitting the dive industry, and what individual business owners can do about them, during the Scuba360 Business Forum:  The forum kicks off Friday April 7 at 10:00 a.m. with the Sustainable Diving Think Tank. Momentum will build with several Friday afternoon sustainability seminars, followed by a main stage Sustainable Diving Dialogue on Saturday morning featuring a cross-industry panel and audience participation.


“If you love the ocean and are concerned about the future of the dive industry, this event is for you.”
– Sustainable Diving event Co-Chair Laurie J. Wilson, Founder of BlueOcean.Net.


Scuba360 Business Forum is a 3-part Knowledge Swap.

Presented by ADEX, the Scuba360 Business Forum offers these three major opportunities for all dive industry stakeholders to learn how to ride the waves of change, and take their business to the next level:

Part 1 – The first-ever Sustainable Diving Think Tank will kick off the conversation on Friday, April 7 at 10am – 12 noon before the officially opening of ADEX.   During this free, 2-hour workshop, forward-thinking dive industry players will connect in Room 311, to swap insights, discover business strategies and learn best practices that are proving to strengthen business resilience, increase profits, attract and maintain customers, and help protect their business investment over the long-term. Facilitated by Laurie Wilson (Blue Ocean Network) and Chloe Harvey (Green Fins/Reef World) the session will allow industry people to connect, ask questions and learn how to move forward on the sustainability pathway.

Part 2 – Following Friday’s Think Tank, Green Fins will share their transformational Green Fins Toolbox with participants. The afternoon’s UW360 Business Forum seminars will dive deeper into sustainable business with a variety of 25-minute presentations. Don’t miss sessions with: David McCann, Scuba Junkie Malaysia (Weathering the Storm: Safeguarding your business against Climate Change); Robert Scales, Ceningan Resort Bali (8 Challenges (+tips) of Building a Sustainable Diving Business), Leon Boey, HSA, PADI Instructor (Why it’s Critical for Dive Businesses to Care about Conservation); Marthen Velly, CTC (Working with Dive Businesses for Effective MPA Management); Randall Arauz, Fins Attached (Overcoming Obstacles to Save Eastern Pacific Sharks), Dr. Karenn Tun, National Parks Board (It’s Getting Hot in Here: Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reefs Around the World); and Gemma Thomson, GUE Project Baseline, a platform to give passionate divers (and citizen scientists) to record and document changes to their local dive sites.

Part 3 – The collective dive into a bluer business model culminates on Saturday morning at 10:00am with the Sustainable Diving Dialogue on the main stage. Facilitated by Jerker Tamelander of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), exhibitors, consumers and trail-blazing stakeholders will be participate in this 1-hour open discussion that will provide actionable items geared towards creating a stronger foundation for dive businesses and a sustainable future for the sport.


Who can attend the Scuba360 Business Forum?

The industry intel to be shared at the inaugural Sustainable Diving events are relevant to businesses from all segments of the diving industry: Dive operators, liveaboards, resorts, travel providers, diver training organizations, manufacturers, photographers, the media and non-profit organizations. The scheduling of the Think Tank on Friday, and Dialogue on Saturday, gives exhibitors, show speakers, and concerned ocean citizens the time to attend.


Join the game-changing conversation.

While all three events are free, workshop space is limited for Friday’s Sustainable Diving Think Tank: Interested Think Tank participants should reserve a seat by sending an email to the Sustainable Diving event coordinators


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