Dive Businesses and Dive Travelers Come Together for a Sustainable Future

Real action, business resources and latest plans will be shared at the 3rd annual Sustainable Diving Think Tank and Dialogue at ADEX – Asia Dive Expo from April 11-14, 2019. The event is free to ADEX Dive Show Exhibitors and Attendees and will be held at Suntec, Singapore.

For Industry Pros

The Sustainable Diving Think Tank is the 3rd annual workshop for Dive Industry Pros. It will be held April 12 (10am-12pm) on the show floor at the ADEX Dive Expo prior to the official show opening. Resorts, Dive Operators, Gear Manufacturers, Travel Suppliers and Certification Agencies who are serious about creating a sustainable dive industry can attend this 2 hour event facilitated by Green Fins program members.

For Dive & Snorkel Consumers

More dive travelers are demanding sustainable dive operations. The Sustainable Diving Dialogue is an opportunity for dive consumers to learn from industry representatives who are on the sustainable pathway. Attendees can ask questions and weigh in on latest developments. The public forum will be held on the Main Stage at ADEX Singapore on April 13, 10:15am-12:15pm.

Organized by The Reef-World Foundation, the International coordinators for the UN Green Fins program, the two events are hosted by ADEX and sponsored by BlueOcean.net, the Coral Triangle Center, ZuBlue, the Blue Green UW360 Business Forum and on-line magazine.

More info here https://www.adex.asia/bluegreen360-business-forum/

**If you are interested in receiving a summary of the proceedings, please email hello@blueocean.net with “ADEX Sustainable Diving Summary” in the subject line. 


Industry participants at the Sustainable Diving Think Tank 2017 at ADEX-Singapore.