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My father said, “People protect what they love.” I used to say, “How can you protect what you don’t understand?” Now I say “Protect the Ocean and you protect yourself.”
Jean-Michel Cousteau

Welcome To Summit 2018!

Blue Ocean Summit is our signature community event. Since 2014, this online Summit has brought to you the inspiring stories of over seventy ocean change-makers. Our Summit is all about stepping into ocean change, and explores a broad spectrum of issues, solutions, and immediate actions we can take to be the change we want to see in the sea. We’re deep into the planning stages of this upcoming Summit and will soon be sharing the exciting details with you.

This Year We All Meet at the Reef!

It’s International Year of the Reef so we’re creating a Summit that embraces this beautiful bracelet of fragile life that circles the globe. Coral reefs are home to  60,000 reef dwelling creatures that we we know of, but possibly 9 million species rely  on coral reefs. Including us. One eighth of the world’s people live within 100km where their daily survival is intrinsically connected to the bounty and benefits a coral reef provides. And for those of us who love to travel,  coral reef tourism generates an estimate US$36billion per year. Coral Scientists use these same destinations, their resorts and house reefs as staging areas to study, With the help of citizen scientists, we are just getting a handle on how important coral reefs are to ocean health and, by connection, human health.. But they are in trouble, and by association, so are we.

Our Coral Reef Summit Mission.

We’re bringing those who work, play, study, create or explore in, on or around the reef to join us to celebrate International Year of the Reef, to introduce models and innovations, and discuss ways forward to protecting this unique and fragile natural resource. In this 5-day online Summit, with 25 Speakers from all over the globe will share what they are doing to protect and restore our beloved coral reefs, whether they be business owners, scientists, travelers, artists or conservationists. You’ll be astounded at the work that is being done, and excited to become a part of this movement to save the reefs for our generation and the generations that follow.

The Summit Contributes to the SDG’s

A cornerstone of this Summit is to address Sustainable Development Goal #14 (Life Below Water); however Summit 2018 has been designed to contribute to more than half the SDG’s including: #3 Good Health & Well-being,  #4 (Quality Education), #5 (Gender Equality), #6 (Clean Water and Sanitation, #8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), #9 (Industry Innovation and Infrastructure), #11 (Sustainable Communities), #12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production) and #17 (Partnerships for the Goals) from the Global Goals to transform the world by 2030. Your participation is important….

Reserve Your Spot Now.

Summit 2018 is slated for Oct 8 – 12. It will be held right here on this site, in a dedicated Summit hub. Segments of this Summit will be live, allowing a limited number of participants to connect directly online with our Summiters. Reserve your Live Virtual Event Ticket right now until they disappear. General Summit Hub Admission Tickets  will still be available to those who miss out on the limited Live Virtual Tickets.  Please note that online Summits are much more complex than physical venues: General Summit Hub Admission Tickets are available now for a limited time to allow us to focus on preparing and serving our ticketed participants.

Deep Appreciation.

We want to keep this Summit accessible to all Ocean-Conscious People no matter what your circumstances. Thank you in advance for supporting this one-of-a-kind 5-day event with a $ donation of your discretion. Your support allows this Summit to contribute to positive change at a global level, and help our team extend its reach to bring more awesome changemakers – just like you – to this virtual conference.

We’re all in the same boat. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. Let’s create critical mass, and together make change happen. ~ Laurie Wilson