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“We’re right at that critical point… never before could we know what we now know. Never again will there be a chance as good as what we now have to take action, to do something. Everybody can do something.” ~ Sylvia Earle

Welcome To Blue Ocean Summit

Blue Ocean Summit is our signature community event. Since 2014, this online Summit has brought to you the inspiring stories of over seventy ocean change-makers. Our Summit is all about stepping into ocean change, and explores a broad spectrum of issues, solutions, and immediate actions we can take to be the change we want to see in the sea.

We’re On a Voyage To A Better Blue Planet

To guide us on this virtual journey to a better blue planet, we interview those who are deeply involved in ocean change. Some of our Summit alumni, a.k.a. “Summiters” are well known ocean leaders like Dr. Sylvia Earle and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Other speakers are lesser known but their stories are equally important; these below-the-radar active ocean people inspire us to do what we can, with what we have, from where we are.

Bringing Ocean People Together

Participant or Summiter, the Ocean People we bring together hail from around the world, from the fields of science, art, film & photography, travel & tourism, recreation & sports, lifestyle & health, business & innovation, philanthropy, conservation, policy and media. These are your people, explorers, innovators, activists and wayshowers all.  Our Summit gatherings remind us that solutions will come from unusual places, uncommon leadership and unexpected collaborations.  And there is hope.

Stayed Tuned For Summit 2018

Summit 2018 is slated for Oct 8 – 12. It’s free and will be held right here on this site, in a specially created Summit hub. This Summit has been designed to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals #14 (Life Below Water) , #4 (Quality Education), #8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), #9 (Industry Innovation and Infrastructure), #12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production) and #17 (Partnerships for the Goals) from the global goals to transform the world by 2030. Stay tuned for more details.

Be at the Head of the Line.

Portions of this Summit will be live, allowing a limited number of participants to connect directly with Summiters. Reserve your Live Virtual Event Ticket right now until they disappear. General Summit Hub Admission Tickets will still be available to those who miss out on the limited Live Virtual Tickets.

Please note that online Summits are much more complex than physical venues: General Summit Hub Admission Tickets are available now for a limited time to allow us to focus on preparing and serving our ticketed participants. Thank you in advance for supporting this one-of-a-kind event with a monetary donation of your choice.

Dive Destinations Underwater –  John Englander

Dive Destinations Underwater – John Englander

“We need to be good stewards of the earth…and look at the world in majesty and miracle. We need to recognize we’re part of this ecosystem…we’re not in control of it.” ~ John Englander “we're past the point of stopping [sea level rise].” For many years, climate change...

Diving into the Veins of Mother Earth –  Jill Heinerth

Diving into the Veins of Mother Earth – Jill Heinerth

“I think if we stop yelling at people and start empowering them with information, then the result’s going to be a whole lot better.” “we’ve got to make it cool and inclusive to be environmentally respectful.” ~ Jill Heinerth   Jill Heinerth says that she is not a...

Why we Need Underwater Conversations –  Dr. Peter Sale

Why we Need Underwater Conversations – Dr. Peter Sale

“The problem is building the political will to want to fix them. That starts with simply getting people to understand how critically important it is for our own long term quality of life to take better care of the planet. “  ~ Dr. Peter Sale Dr. Peter Sale as author...

Shifting the Dive Certification Model  – Doug McNeese

Shifting the Dive Certification Model – Doug McNeese

“we have to be part of the solution and not part of the problem” ~ Doug McNeese  Doug McNeese believes that today there are certain training practices for new divers that the dive industry has abandoned, and as a result of this poor training these new divers have a...

Global Standards for Responsible Diving – Chloe Harvey

Global Standards for Responsible Diving – Chloe Harvey

“You don’t need to bore people. You need to inspire them, get them excited about the dive. Actually let people know about the ecological reason behind why we ask people not to step on corals. Let them know that it’s alive, and if you break it, that will do away with...

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