The unprecedented environmental ocean issues impacting our Blue Planet today: Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Species Extinction and Pollution are issues that are numbing in their complexity and size, and can only be addressed with a Global Response. Blue Ocean presents four speakers from four different countries on three continents that share a truly global perspective, helping us to understand today’s issues and to guide us in seeking solutions.

As Carl Safina so beautifully writes “The question isn’t, “I’m just one person; what can I do?” Everyone who has ever lived has been one person. The question is what can you do? And who can you do it with? Who do you need? Who needs your help? Where will you start? Our four speakers will help you find your place to start.


A Sweet Spot in Time –  Dr. Sylvia Earle, and Mission Blue

Dr. Sylvia Earle, save the ocean, marine protected areas, ocean activist, ocean change-maker, A Sweet Spot in Time,” is the title of Dr. Sylvia Earle’s talk in which she brings ocean issues to us that can no longer be ignored. Sylvia states that we are at a moment in our history like no other. A moment in which we are being called to gather together individually and as a community to incorporate the sustainable choices that are possible now.

Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer and scuba diver; the former Chief Scientist at NOAA; the National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and a leader in more than 100 scientific expeditions. She has lectured around the world and is the author of 13 books, her most recent is “Blue Hope”. Sylvia is the Founder of Deep Ocean Exploration Inc., Inc.and the Sylvia Earle Alliance.

Today less than 1% of the ocean is protected and Sylvia’s goal is to have placed 20% in marine protected areas by 2020. The Netflix Documentary “Mission Blue” features Sylvia’s four decades of being in the forefront of marine conservation and underscores why Time Magazine named her as the first “Hero for the Planet.” and the Library of Congress calls her a “Living Legend”.

Dive deeper into the ocean issues confronting us today and the inspiration that Dr. Sylvia Earle offers. Read Sylvia’s article “A Sweet Spot in Time” at: Ocean Profiles: Dr. Sylvia Earle


Why We Need Underwater Conversations –  Peter Sale,

Peter Sale, coral reefs, marine conservation, sustainable choices, ocean issues, ocean activist“Our Dying Planet,” Peter Sale’s recent book, describes humanity’s impact on the ocean environment from the perspective of a scientist who has witnessed the decline of coral reefs with his own eyes. It is a compelling explanation of why we must make sustainable choices now to preserve our natural environment for the future.

“the thing that got me motivated to write my book in the first place was a lifetime of research on coral reefs” Dr. Peter Sales relates “Then waking up to the knowledge that they could all disappear.” Peter continues “I think it’s tragic because we are talking about potentially the loss of an entire ecosystem from the planet. Which is something we haven’t done before and I think it’s something that people still don’t appreciate the extent of.” This is one of the many reasons why Peter continues getting his message out, “that we have this huge environmental problem, but it’s a problem that we understand, and we know what we need to do to fix it.”

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Changing the Consumer Dialogue in Asia –  Sharon Kwok,

Sharon Kwok, sustainable choices, sustainable seafood, shark finning, ocean activist, ocean travel, ocean change-maker“It is a form of evangelism, but it’s conservation. It’s helping everyone realize that every single person can make a difference in their daily lives through their choices, be it how they eat, the kind of energy they use and even what they use and how they dispose of things.” says Sharon Kwok “It’s something that we should all be involved in”

Sharon uses her popularity as a TV personality in Hong Kong to focus attention on today’s important ocean issues, starting in Hong Kong. The consumption of Shark fins is a big target for Sharon, because of its use in a highly prized food and in traditional medicine. Sharon, however is optimistic.Aqua-meridian Conservation is a foundation she created to promote marine conservation education with a focus on protecting our marine eco-systems.

We may never get that shark fin ban in China” Sharon says “but it’s gotten to the point where it’s no longer the hip thing to do.

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Speaking Out about Our Industry’s Economic Clout –  Jose Truda Palazzo

Jose Palazzo, ocean activist, shark conservation, save the ocean, shales, ocean change-maker, sustainable diving“I really think it has to be part of the business model.” Jose Palazzo points out “Marine conservation is not a luxury. It’s not something that you do because you’re a good person. You have to do it because you’re a good businessman.”

José Truda Palazzo, is a writer and explorer and an ocean activist, who has dedicated the last 40 years to marine conservation causes. In the 1970s, José was a leading voice in Brazil against Japanese whaling. José is a co-founder of Divers for Sharks, created to promote the protection of sharks and coordinate the diving community in its shark conservation efforts.

Based in “the backwaters of Brazil,” José Truda Palazzo shows us that with organization and determination, anyone in any country can get their message out to rest of the world and be heard.

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