The Blue Ocean Summit 2015 presents four speakers on the theme of “Global Citizens, Inspiring Role Models”. Our four speakers talk about different ocean issues however they have in common that they inspire people on a Global Level: one has created an Award event to honor leaders in marine conservation; another organizes awareness of Plastic Pollution; a third organizes political action promoting ocean conservation; and a fourth brings a lifetime of diving experiences to bear on today’s issues of global marine sustainability. In summation a wealth of information and tips on what we need to do and how to get started.


The Next Eight Decades –  Wendy Benchley

Wendy Benchley, Peter Benchley Ocean Awards, ocean activist, ocean change-maker, marine conservation. ocean issuesWendy Benchley with her late husband Peter created the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards an annual event that has become the ‘Academy Awards of the Ocean’. The awards were named to commemorate the life and work of Wendy’s husband, the author of ‘Jaws’ Peter Benchley. The ocean awards is an event that brings together scientists, policymakers and world leaders, to a conversation focused on  marine conservation with a global agenda and a path forward.

Wendy has been a scuba diver for over forty years and has observed  dramatic changes to the ocean’s wildlife and marine environments. This has motivated her to  protect sharks and shape stronger environmental and marine policies in collaboration with government officials, NGOs and ocean stakeholders.

Dive into Wendy’s entire article “The Next Eight Decades” at: Ocean Profiles: Wendy Benchley



The Story of Unlikely Leaders – Stiv Wilson

Stiv Wilson, the Story of Stuff, ocean plastic pollution, marine conservation, micro-beads, ocean activist, ocean change-makerStiv Wilson lives on a boat and wears flip flops, seemingly uncommitted. But he said “this makes no sense!” when he found microbeads in his own mid-western Great Lakes. Thus Stiv began his quixotic, crusade with the  “The Story of Stuff”. His intention was nothing less than to ban these toxin-laden dots from our drains, our watersheds, and our marine food chain. The dive industry is mostly a dispersed group of small, independent operators, however Stiv is here to unite and empower us!

As Stiv beautifully puts it, our the bottom line is to “figure out what you love and then figure out what needs to be done to protect it.” The rest, you can learn along the way.”

Find out how Stiv became an ocean change-maker and about his crusade to remove micro-beads from our marine environment  in “the Story of Unlikely Leaders” here at, Ocean Profiles: Stiv Wilson



Leadership in the Blue Frontier –  David Helvarg

David Helvarg, ocean activist, ocean author, Blue Vision summit, ocean change-maker, sustainable choiceswe get so much from the ocean in terms of recreation, transportation, trade, energy, protein, medicinal values and spiritual values” says David Helvarg but most important is “that sense of awe and wonder being part of something bigger than ourself.”

David Helvarg is not just your usual diver. David brings years of experience as a war correspondent, documentary film producer and ocean author (Blue Frontier, Saved by the Sea and 50 Ways to Save the Ocean) to the formation of an ocean conservation group Blue Front’s most political initiative is the Blue Vision Summit held bi-annually in Washington DC. where hundreds of ocean activists meet with their congressional representatives to discuss ocean policy.

In his interview Helvarg gives us the inside scoop on how ocean policy is made. Read David’s entire article “Leadership in the Blue Frontier” at Ocean Profiles: David Helvarg, and learn how you can become a Seaweed Rebel



Dive Resorts as Guardians of the Sea – Stan Waterman

Stan Waterman, ocean author, underwater filmmaker, ocean activist, marine conservation, save the ocean, sustainable diving“I’m going on 93, and I am more aware than I have ever been … of what a beautiful planet we have and the peril in which it stands.” ~ Stan Waterman

Stan Waterman has been a leader in scuba diving since its inception as a recreational sport. Stan owned the first aqua lung in Maine over sixty years ago. Since then, Stan has produced award winning, underwater films and written several, very charming, autobiographical books. Stan’s enormous span of experience gives him unique perspectives on the changes in the health of the world’s marine eco-system. Stan’s article “Dive Resorts as Guardians of the Sea” at Ocean Profiles: Stan Waterman shares some of those perspectives.