the story of stuff, stiv wilson, microfibers, microfiber pollution, plastic pollution, ocean pollutionJust in is this Press Release from our good friend and ocean ally Stiv Wilson at the Story of Stuff Project. We have been reporting on Stiv’s good work in getting plastic microbeads banned, and you can read about his 2015 Blue Ocean Summit interview.

Now Stiv is using a two minute animated movie to focus our attention on a new threat to public health and marine life: microfiber pollution from synthetic clothing.


Microfibers from Synthetic Fibrics are a Threat to Marine Life

“Microfibers are tiny plastic threads shed from synthetic fabrics like polyester, rayon and nylon. These fabrics currently make up 60% of all clothing worldwide and their use as the dominant textile materials are dramatically on the rise. When washed, plastic microfibers break off and a single jacket can produce up to 250,000 fibers in washing machine effluent. Less than 1 mm in size, they ultimately make their way through wastewater plants and into marine environments where they have been found to enter the food chain. Microfibers make up 85% of human made debris on shorelines around the world according to a 2011 study.”

the story of stuff, stiv wilson, microfibers, microfiber pollution, plastic pollution, ocean pollution“We understand that despite clothing manufactures best intentions, our workout clothes, dress shirts, favorite fleeces, and even our underwear are polluting our waterways and, potentially, our bodies. This new movie is going to turn up the volume on this issue, expand public understanding, and create a chorus of voices demanding accountability and transparency. Our goal is to unlock and encourage collaboration between the clothing industry, scientists, advocates and policymakers, so that we tackle this problem head on and out in the open,” says Stiv Wilson, Campaign Director of the Story of Stuff Project.


Please Review This Petition

In addition to the movie the Project has launched a global petition directed at major apparel brands demanding that they develop solutions to this problem.

Visit the Story of Stuff Project here:

The Story of Stuff Project is a non-profit organization that facilitates an global online Community of more than 1 million members working to transform the way we make, use and throw away Stuff.

By Stiv Wilson, The Story of Stuff, Blue Ocean contributor


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