Young Scientists Trying to Solve Marine By-Catch

By Lauryn Dempsey, Blue Ocean Network

marine by-catch, marine conservation, unsustainable fishing, sustainable fishing, sustainable choices, It’s no secret that marine by-catch is a serious ocean issue. Fortunately, there are many people around the world who are trying to solve this problem and one group in particular is seeking advice from marine experts about their project. Also see a related Blue Ocean post: Marine Migrations: How Can We Protect These Ocean Travelers? (photo – Banderas News)


Lego Leaguers Saving Dolphins

lego league science students, marine conservation, marine by-catch, young scientists, citizen scienceAs part of the First Lego League robotics competition, a team of six girls from Utah is trying to save dolphins and sea life from inadvertently being caught in fishing nets. The First Lego League is a robotics competition that incorporates teamwork and a research project. The theme of this year’s competition is “Animal Allies” and teams around the country are working on improving the relationship between animals and humans. (photo – Team Cookie Bots)


“Team Cookie Bots” is on the case!

Nicknamed ‘Team Cookie Bots,’ Anna, Samantha, Sandee, Tara, Rachel and Taylor are Girl Scouts who were drawn to the marine by-catch issue after learning how many ocean animals lose their life in fishing nets. They’ve become passionate about it and are educating those around them about the problem. Not only are they spreading the word, they’ve also come up with an idea they hope will decrease marine by-catch.

orca sound waves, marquee images, marine by-catch, marine conservation, sustainable fishing, saving marine mammalsDuring the team’s research, they discovered that high-frequency sounds, like those of an orca, scare marine animals away. They’d like to build a device, which they’re calling ECHO, that can be attached to fishing nets that would emit high frequency noise to clear the area of dolphins, porpoises and other aquatic life. (photo – marqueeimage)

But wouldn’t a device like ECHO also deter fish from the nets? Not so, says the Cookie Bots, since fish don’t hear at the high frequency in which the ECHO would operate.


So Here’s the Question, Will It Work??

So, all you marine experts and scientists out there, will their idea work? Cookie Bots needs your help and feedback. Visit their website to learn more about their research and let them know your thoughts about how they can bring ECHO to life and save the lives of countless marine life!


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