David Attenborough of Blue Planet fame has done it again, in this video he brings us singing and dancing humpback whales. Plus, I could not pass on including a second video showing what might be the largest Blue Whale on the planet.

Male humpback whales sing to each other. They repeat each others beautiful songs and as the singing becomes more complex it seems they are showing off their memory. They are also preforming for a female. For the lucky male and the female the singing becomes a slow motion waltz in what is obviously a tender and sensual interplay. Do they know each other, are they related? We don’t know because this behavior has rarely been observed or documented.

But all doesn’t remain serene for long, the singing has attracted an entire pack of aggressive males each wanting a piece of the action. They are mostly just throwing their weight around, but when it’s 35 tons that’s a lot to throw around.. As usual the biggest guy wins out.


The World’s Largest Blue Whale Discovered in Sri Lanka

The recent civil war in Sri Lanka was horrendous but it seems that it had one unanticipated benefit, giving a little known group of Blue Whales the opportunity to exist unharassed just 20 miles off the southern tip of the island. Blue Whales are endangered with only 10,000 individuals remaining.

Join with Asher and nearly 8 million you tube viewers, as she documents the identities and locations of each whale in the group. Suddenly her boat is swiped by an enormous Blue Whale, four times the size of Asher’s small boat. She estimates it’s weight to be 140 tons and it appears to be 30 meters long. I don’t know if that makes this whale the largest ever, that’s impossible to know, but it could make it the largest Blue Whale alive. The longest one ever recorded was 108 feet long.

Asher’s research indicates that this group of Blue Whales appear to remain over the deepest underwater canyons, possibly because its food, tiny krill (it eats nearly 4 tons of krill daily) may be carried in on updrafts from the colder waters below.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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