rob_stewart_in_protest, sharkwater, ocean activist, marine conservation, over fishing, shark finning, sustainable seafood, ocean change makerAward-winning “Sharkwater” filmmaker Rob Stewart kicked off Day 2 of the Blue Ocean Business Summit, a free online 9-day gathering of dive industry stakeholders . Stewart was one of four speakers to discuss “Solutions for an Ocean in Trouble.” And Stewart’s solution? Start a revolution.


”The crisis we face is potentially not just bad for business, it’s bad for everything,” says Stewart.


Stewart’s Revolution explores global issues

Stewart’s award-winning new movie “Revolution” is all about starting a revolution to change the world for the better. With sweeping cinemascapes, he explores over-arching global issues, reminds us of the beauty we are impacting, and shows us our personal power to make the world a better place.

At the Blue Ocean Business Summit, Stewart told the audience that business plays an integral part in changing the world and was brutally honest about where business is going.

“If you are operating a business that does not benefit the world, the ecosystem, and species, you should have no place doing business,” declared Stewart in his Summit interview.


Ocean Acidification a clear and present danger

Stewart dived into the sleeper issue of ocean acidification and its clear and present danger to our world.   Stewart reminded Summit participants that to address global issues like this one, everyone can contribute to the revolution, and gave a number of ways to do so.

“Absolutely phenomenal words!” said one participant after watching Stewart’s calm pull-no-punches delivery.

Summit host Laurie Wilson advised participants to go to Revolution’s website It provides many free tools to facilitate education and discussion of the most pressing issues of our time, with resources to help business owners, individuals and educators to take a deeper dive.


the Blue Ocean Summit 2015

The Blue Ocean Business Summit is designed specifically for all dive industry stakeholders including: manufacturers, certification agencies, dive stores, media and consulting, trade and consumer shows, resorts, live-aboards, dive operators, marine parks managers, scientists, divers, instructors, group leaders, travel wholesalers, photographers, marine nonprofits, water sports and hotel associations, and travel and tourism professionals.

The free online event, which runs June 8 – 19, features an inspiring group of 35 action-oriented thought leaders and trailblazers who share insights, lessons learned and action steps that have helped them to successfully ride the waves of change already happening in the marine tourism and dive recreation industries. Each day, Summit participants have access to four interviews with world-changing Ocean People.

In addition filmmaker Stewart, participants will watch featured speakers such as Mission Blue‘s Dr. Sylvia Earle (National Geographic Explorer in Residence), Jean-Michel Cousteau (Ocean Futures Society), Sharon Kwok (WildAid Hong Kong), Stan Waterman (The Man Who Loved Sharks), Jill Heinerth (We Are Water), Ken Nedimyer (Coral Restoration Foundation), Wendy Benchley (Peter Benchley Ocean Awards) and 28 additional speakers from 13 countries.

To attend the Blue Ocean Business Summit 2015, sign up for free at Interview recordings of each day’s speakers are available online to participants for the remaining duration of the Summit.
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