whale-shark-diving_destination_India, saving sharks, marine conservation, eco-tourism, sustainable dive business(Blue Ocean Network – November 3, 2014) — With over 400 species of sharks inhabiting almost every aquatic ecosystem, divers and wildlife enthusiast are enjoying and paying good money to view sharks in their natural habitats, says Non-profit marine organization, Shark Savers in an article posted to the Shark Savers website.

Taking tourists to dive with or view sharks and rays is very popular and these operations are found around the globe.


Diving with Sharks in 29 Countries

A recent study found that shark tourism companies operate in 83 locations in 29 countries.  In Fiji, it’s thought that nearly 80% of all divers that visited the country in 2010 engaged in shark-diving activities.

From blue sharks and makos off the east coast of the United States, tiger sharks in the Bahamas, hammerheads in the Galapagos, whales sharks and mantas in Mexico, and Great whites off the coast of South Africa. And in those locations that support sustainable tourism Shark-based diving provides economic benefits to local communities and to those governments that  collect fees. The economic benefits extend far beyond the dive operations involved and include local hotels and providers of local goods and services.

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