eugenie clark, shark lady, marine bilogist, marine conservationist, ocean activist, sustainable choices, marine protectionST. PETERSBURG, Fla.  – BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit (BLUE) has announced the selection of Dr. Eugenie Clark, Dr. Phil Nuytten and Stan Waterman as the recipients of its 2014 Legacy Awards, to be presented Friday, November 7, during the ocean event in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Legacy Awards recognize extraordinary individual achievements in ocean exploration, innovation and the pursuit of knowledge. This year, Dr. Clark, Dr. Nuytten, and Mr. Waterman will receive BLUE’s Legacy in Marine Science, Legacy in Ocean Exploration, and Legacy in Ocean Filmmaking, respectively. All of the recipients are recognized worldwide as diving pioneers, with Dr. Clark at the forefront of marine sciences, Dr. Nuytten’s lifetime commitment to the creation of new underwater technology, and Mr. Waterman’s ground-breaking underwater filmmaking.

“Much of our understanding of the Ocean came from the pioneering work of Eugenie, Phil, and Stan. These accomplished individuals share a passion for exploration, science, technology and conservation,” said Debbie Kinder, co-founder and CEO of BLUE. “And yet, they haven’t slowed down a bit. Eugenie celebrated her 92nd birthday on a trip to the Red Sea, and Stan is hard at work on his second book, ‘More Salt,’ and Phil continues to push the boundaries of ocean exploration with developments like Exosuit.’

Each of these talented individuals are living legends and epitomize why we created this award. Just as their Legacy Award predecessors, James Cameron and Don Walsh, all three deserve to be recognized as the “rock stars” that they are. We want to celebrate them for their pioneering spirit and hope this recognition will spur young people everywhere will learn more about them  and be inspired by their accomplishments.”

Dr. Eugenie Clark, endearingly known as the “Shark Lady” because of her fearless deep-water exploration, opened Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium as a one-woman operation in 1955. Since then, Mote has grown into a full-fledged research institution with world-class scientists dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans and the much beloved Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida.

Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern commercial diving industry, Dr. Phil Nuytten has dedicated his life to ocean exploration, and has been a significant force in the creation of new underwater technology. As a developer of deep-sea systems, his goal has been to provide scientific, technical, military, and sport divers full access to the ocean depths without the hazards of decompression so that humans can explore, understand, and ultimately protect the world’s oceans.

Since his first 16mm film on diving in 1955, Stan Waterman has made the ocean filmmaking and exploration his life. He traveled the world for fifteen years, recording his adventures and exploits – creating captivating films that were purchased by several television networks as documentaries. Waterman has also collaborated on several classic ocean films – most notably with Peter Gimble on “Black Water, White Death,” and a film adaptation of Peter Benchley’s best-selling novel, “The Deep.” His friendship with Mr. Benchley led to 10 more years of collaborations, including documentaries for ABC’s “Spirit of Adventure,” and ESPN’s “Expedition Earth.” Waterman has won over seventeen awards for his work, and was even awarded his own biographical special, “The Man Who Loves Sharks,” produced by the Discovery Channel.

BLUE bestows several awards honoring excellence, passion and distinguished achievement. Past Legacy Award winners include Oscar-winning filmmaker and humanitarian James Cameron and the legendary Captain Don Walsh. The BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit will take place November 3-9, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

About BLUE
BLUE is an international non-profit organization that uses the power of film, visual arts, entertainment, and science to inspire ocean stewardship around the world.  The annual festival has become the premier watering hole for scientist, filmmakers, explorers, artists, government leaders, celebrities and ocean enterprises, providing a springboard for individual empowerment and policy action to help save Earth’s blue life support system.  Since 2010, BLUE has also presented over fifty BLUE On Tour educational outreach events to thousands of people in China, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. BLUE’s sponsors include ROLEX, Google, Disneynature, Glass is Life, Bright House Networks, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Monaco Oceanographic Museum, the Tampa Bay Times and more.

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