Earlier this year we reported that shark finning was still legal and fins were being sold in Florida.

boston globe, shark finning, shark fin, soup, overfishing, catching shark, fishing shark killing banned in FloridaA law passed in 1992 to ban shark finning was strengthened in 2010 but the shark finning continued. More recent attempts to ban the sale and trade of shark fins were no more successful because of pressure from the state’s fishing industry. The shark fins are destined for the Chinese shark fin soup market. (photo – Boston Globe)

Erin Handy, campaign organizer for Oceana, was outraged “Eleven other states that had ports where this activity was taking place have already banned the sale and trade of shark fins … Florida would have been the twelfth.”


Some Sharks Finally Given Protection!

However, according to the Orlando Sentinel there may be sun at the end of the Sunshine State tunnel. Four shark species including tiger sharks and three kinds of hammerheads have been given protection by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Although catch and release fishing is still permitted, this is a big step forward in protecting these sharks from the severe overfishing that has decimated their numbers.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Schooling Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna lenini). killing sharks banned in florida, burt jones

“We recognize that maintaining healthy shark populations is critical to the sustainability of our marine ecosystem. The additional protections we are proposing would help preserve Florida’s valuable marine resources.” Said Kathy Barco, wildlife commission chairwoman. (photo – Burt Jones, Maureen Shimlock)

Our article Shark Killing Banned in Florida is the latest in a series that has documented destructive fishing practices that have brought many of the world’s shark populations to endangered levels. We will continue to bring developments on this important issue to you.


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