national geographic, Sea of Hope, marine conservation, Sylvia Earle, hope spot, protected marine area, sanctuaryThis coming Sunday evening, Jan. 15 at 7pm, ET, we are in for a real treat on the National Geographic Channel, Sea of Hope is a must see event or even better, a must record event, because you will want to see this program again and again.

Marine Conservation and Marine Protected Areas

Several days ago I brought to your attention that the February issue of National Geographic was presenting “Why Its Important to Save Our Seas’ Last Pristine Places” featuring Sylvia Earl, writer Cynthia Barnett and the spectacular underwater photography of Brian Skerry.


National Geographic presents America’s Underwater Treasures

national geographic_Brian Sherry, underwater photographer, America's marine protected areas, mpas, Sylvia earle, marine sanctuaryThis Sunday you can see the related TV documentary “Sea of Hope: America’s Underwater Treasures”. Sea of Hope follows National Geographic’s Explorer in Residence Sylvia Earle and her crew on a year long quest to map and explore America’s underwater wilderness, with the goal of inspiring President Obama to turn these essential marine habitats into protected Blue Landmarks. Sylvia is driven by the need to educate humanity about ocean life and to appreciate how the ocean serves as the Earth’s life support system. To read about the success of their mission see our article on Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s protection of vast areas of American and Canadian waters.


Sea of Hope features Spectacular Underwater Images

2111715_understanding-the-oceans_brian sherry, underwater photographer, marine conservation, marine protected areas,Making this story most persuasive are the outstanding images of Nat. Geo. underwater photographer Brian Skerry. Having witnessed a seismic loss of marine life over the thirty years of his diving career, Brian is devoting all his efforts to documenting this story in the hope of arresting the loss and giving our oceans the opportunity to rejuvenate and restore. See Brian’s story at Save the Ocean, save Ourselves.

Please make sure that you visit the National Geographic Channel to see Sea of Hope and the February Issue of Nat. Geo to see the article “Why its important to Save Our Seas’ Last Pristine Places.” Visit with Sylvia Earle at Mission Blue.