One Nation Underwater

scuba_nation, underwater film, tv, ocwean arts, ocean entertainment, ocean eventThe Hit TV show, ScubaNation – “One Nation Under Water” – is enjoying its third season on Fox Sun Sports. ScubaNation is the highest-rated TV show dedicated to the sport of recreational scuba diving. The 30-minute show airs weekly from April to October and is part of Fox Sports outdoors block on Saturday mornings.

Co-Hosts Billy C. and Mitch bring the sport of scuba diving to your living rooms and take you on adventures that are accessible and fun for the entire family. “Our main goal is to bring new energy and people to the sport we all love,” said Billy C, President of ScubaNation. “We want kids to watch the show and decide to become scuba divers. We want people who might not have gone scuba diving in a very long time to watch the show and rekindle that fire to go diving” shared Billy C.


Travel Destinations Theme

Season three has new twists and turns in store for its audience, and its theme is Travel Destinations. Via ScubaNation, individuals will be able to experience exiting locations such as Deep Water Cay, Unexso, Island of Saba, and Curacao. Billy C and Mitch – “The Boys of ScubaNation” – explore these international dive sites, bringing out their unique energy and flavor.


Introducing New Scuba Gear

ScubaNation also features the latest in scuba gear such as Sea Life’s Sea Dragon lighting system, Spare Air Travel models, Pegasus Thruster, Reef Safe Sun Care Products, Mares, and many new equipment deals offered by the show’s Presenting Sponsor, Leisure Pro.

Season Three also unleashes ScubaNation’s clothing line, ScubaNation Apparel by Uzzi. “We decided to partner with the best apparel company in the scuba diving industry. We wanted to have our brand represented by a company that has been in the business for a very long time and understands marketing and distribution. That company, hands down, is Uzzi,” said Billy C.

ScubaNation is a thrill ride dedicated to our oceans and the species of organisms living in the aquatic realm. Billy C and Mitch invite you to grab your popcorn and pull up a TV, smart phone, or any other electronic device… and join in their adventures again this season.

Watch ScubaNation at 9 AM EST on Sun Sports. For additional listings, visit