Everyone within our Blue Ocean community is profoundly concerned about the plight of our ocean environment. Every day our sources give us the alarming facts behind ocean acidification; the warming of ocean temperatures; massive coral reef die-offs; over fishing and ocean pollution.

For all these reasons we appreciated the decisions made during the Obama Presidency to create marine sanctuaries and to join with countries around the world to confront global warming and climate change.


Getting Rid of Those “Bothersome” Regulations!

business insider, donald trump, scott pruitt, anti environment, non sustainable, anti renewable energyNow the United States has a new president that seems determined to undo the advances made during the previous administration. To carry out this new set of priorities Trump appointed Scott Pruitt to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Pruitt has long been a foe of the very agency he now heads. Trump and Pruitt have slashed the EPA’s budget by a third, focusing especially on eliminating those programs that monitor the ongoing effects of global warming.  See the entire article in EcoWatch. (photo – Business Insider)


It’s A Bad Deal Says Scott Pruitt

This week Pruitt out did himself when he announced on FOX News that the U.S. should exit the Paris Accords. The landmark agreement signed by the representatives of 195 countries that went into effect on November 4, 2016.

“Paris is something we need to look at closely. It’s something we need to exit in my opinion,” Pruitt said. “It’s a bad deal for America,” he continued. “It’s an ‘America second, third or fourth’ kind of approach.”


Exiting the Paris Accord Is A Bad Deal For The World

Pruitt does not seem to realize that if we are unsuccessful in checking global warming there are no second, third or fourth places. We are all losers. In the same interview he mentioned his efforts to reignite the coal industry by removing any barriers to burning coal. Trump has already signed an executive order to repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan which require states to slash emissions. A key element of Obama’s program to meet its Paris Accord goals.

solar energy, renewable energy, scott pruitt, donald trump, Pruitt’s primary objection to the Paris Agreement is that it will cost the U.S. jobs. Clearly Pruitt has not bothered to understand the latest statistics indicating that job growth in renewable energy is far surpassing job growth in all of the fossil fuel industries combined. And with the price of clean energy dropping dramatically, (94% in the last eight years) the costs of renewables is now cheaper than fossil fuels. (photo – CBC News)

In 2016 alone 40 coal power plants were retired in the U.S. and no new ones are being built. Even fossil fuel companies like Peabody Coal have petitioned Trump to not withdraw from the Paris Accord.

Read this revealing Reuters article: U.S. coal companies ask Trump to stick with Paris climate deal. Even the Coal Mining Museum in Kentucky has turned to solar energy to power its energy needs,


We Can’t Let China Get A Better Deal Says Scott Pruitt

US News and World Report, Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency.Pruitt’s second objection to the Paris Agreement is that it allows China and India to wait until 2030 to achieve their goals, while the U.S. must achieve its goals by 2020. Pruitt seems to be totally unaware of the enormous strides that China has made to abandon coal and replace its energy needs with renewables. China alone, now accounts for 40% of the world’s renewable capacity increase. (photo – US News and World Report)


China Leading in Renewables

greentechmedia.com, china renewables, scott pruitt, donald trump, anti environmentalistChina is quickly becoming the world’s leader in renewable energy industries, clearly the major source of job creation of the future. While the U.S. is trying to revive a fossil of a fossil fuel industry.



Trump and Pruitt are seeing pushback not only from power companies but also from appliance manufacturers regarding their cuts in EPA funded programs. Read: Pushback to Save Popular Energy Star Program, Plus Don’t Call Climate Change, Climate Change. Pruitt’s latest inflammatory statements met with instant outrage.

“American leadership on climate is the key to attracting jobs and investment in the industries and sectors that will define the 21st century,” said Nathaniel Keohane of the Environmental Defense Fund.

citizenjournal.us, scott pruitt, donald trump, envirmental protection agency, EPA,“Even for Scott Pruitt, this is outrageous and beyond the pale.” Said Tiernen Sittenfeld of the League of Conservation Voters. “The U.S. helped to lead the world on this treaty and it’s clear that other countries are moving ahead because they see the incredible opportunities it offers,” Sittenfeld added.

“Administrator Pruitt’s statements are unsurprising. He just can’t seem to grasp what the vast majority of Americans and scientists have already figured out: climate change is real, it is happening now and human activities are causing it,” stated Kim Glas of the BlueGreen Alliance.

All of this has been disturbingly predictable to anyone following Scott Pruitt’s record of multiple suits against the EPA of which he is now chief, and his defense of fossil fuel companies. He is obviously an intelligent man, however one that has his own alternative facts. enabling him to make some very short sided and tragic decisions, for the world.


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