We are celebrating International Whale Shark Day this month and what better way to appreciate these amazing creatures than by enjoying this fantastic video of a diver saving a whale shark that has become entangled in fishing gear.

saving a whale shark caught in fishing line,. diver smithsonian channel

Below the surface of the waters surrounding the Revillagigedo Islands off the Pacific coast of Mexico is one of the world’s greatest concentration of fish. Located in an otherwise empty sea, this isolated spot is crucial for migrating whitetip sharks, humpback whales, mantas and tuna.  This incredibly rich environment is what drew a film crew from the Smithsonian Channel to capture footage for a program called Secrets of Shark Island. (photo – Smithsonian Channel)

While filming, a whale shark came into view below one of the divers. An enormous commercial fishing rope had clearly become a noose surrounding the whales’ body, slowly slashing into its flesh. The whale shark seemed to sense that the diver meant it no harm and quietly waited for the diver to free it. A sharp knife and thirty seconds later, the giant fish was liberated, its wounds clearly visible where the heavy rope had inflicted deep injuries.



A moment of pure joy enveloped the dive team, saving a whale shark was an event that provided great satisfaction and spectacular video footage. To see the entire program with four other shark videos check the schedule of the Smithsonian Channel.


Freeing Whaleshark from Fishing Net


Freediving with a Whale Shark

On a different note, see some very beautiful and poetic video of Ocean Ramsey free diving with a Whale Shark.



Why I Dive with Great White Sharks

Ocean Ramsey is a free diver and ocean conservationist. What does she enjoy most? Diving with Great White Sharks! See her interview as she explains why and the message she hopes to convey to the world.



By Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network

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