Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the planet’s most inspiring treasures. The Great Barrier Reef is also confronting almost insurmountable perils.

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Over the last several years as a result of climate change, we have witnessed, repetitive and extreme, ocean warming events that have killed or severely damaged over 65% of the coral reef habitat. In this weakened state one of the world’s great natural wonders, is fighting for survival. If that were not enough, the Great Barrier Reef is now facing assault from the Australian Government. Malcolm Turnbull the Prime Minister is trying to push through approval of one of the world’s largest coal mines. (photo – FarbenfroheWunderweit)

Blue Ocean reported on this issue in: Cash Cows Clash over Last Ditch Effort to Dig Australian Coal where we described how the Indian coal mining company Adani was attempting to open the Carmichael Mine. A vast complex consisting of six open pit and five underground mines. The shipment of coal will require a channel to be dug directly through the Great Barrier Reef further destroying the already endangered coral reef ecosystem.

Adding further insult, the coal is destined to be shipped to India where it will feed that country’s power plants. India has the unfortunate reputation of being one of the earth’s most polluting countries. It is obvious coal is a dying industry and why the Australian government is risking a natural wonder and its major tourism attraction for temporary financial gain is hugely troubling.

Simon Baker has joined with other Australian actors and directors to bring this issue to the world’s attention and to ask you to sign a petition demanding a halt to the Adani mine and to save the Great Barrier Reef.


How you can help

Help us amplify Simon’s voice, and reach out to engage thousands of people who haven’t yet joined the Fight For Our Reef. Share Simon’s video message and ask your friends to sign the petition to Malcolm Turnbull.

By Imogen Zethoven
With Simon and the Fight For Our Reef campaign team
Australian Marine Conservation Society


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