We love this story, it’s not current but very worth bringing to your attention again. In 2014 two Brazilians were diving in the Bat Islands off northern Costa Rica. They were having a great day, seeing sharks, mantas and huge schools of fish, but they were not prepared for what was unfolding. Their dive masters pointed to a large shape approaching them from out of the deep blue. It was a great manta (Manta birostris) and she seemed to know exactly what needed to be done.

She had become ensnared in fishing net and line and obviously needed some help from the divers. Fortunately Brian Thompson (a Canadian diver of course, Canadians are nice people) obliged by gently and carefully cutting the net away. After the manta was freed it did not leave but stayed close as if appreciating her new found benefactors.


An Awesome LIFE and Diving Experience

forthewildthings, giant manta ray, manta ray, saving marine life, marine conservationn, For all involved (including those of us that get to see this inspiring video) it was the perfect ending to a truly awesome diving experience.

Thanks, to Thomaz Monteiro, Flavia Passaglia, Brian Thompson and ScubaDiverLife for bringing this great story to us. (photo -forthewildthings)


This is so similar to a story we posted several weeks ago of a dolphin also ensnared in fishing hook and line that waited patiently for divers to cut it free. See our post  Injured Dolphin Knows Where to go for Help.


What makes these experiences so special is seeing supposed barriers between species dissolve and be replaced by pure feelings of empathy. Humankind has done so much to destroy these magnificent marine beings, it is a wonder that they remain so trusting and peaceful toward us.


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If you know of any truly inspiring stories like these, pass them on to us and we will post them. Also be sure to read our new post on the amazing new marine creatures discovered in the deepest ocean, see:Awesome and a Bit Bizarre Marine Life Discoveries


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