Australian sea lions are endemic to our southern oceans, which means they don’t live anywhere else on our blue planet. We’re so lucky to have these rare, playful critters living in small colonies dotting our south western coast. But when they forage for food away from their colonies, our unsuspecting sea lions swim into danger. Their waters overlap with commercial fishing grounds, where invisible gillnets hang silently. Gillnets are indiscriminate walls of death that sea lions cannot see to avoid. They are set in the water to catch fish, but they also entangle and drown our sea lions. Take action today and help save our sea lions.

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Our sea lions are threatened with extinction

MASTER AMCS LOGO save our sea lions petition australian take action marine life extinction ocean conservationMost people don’t know that this is happening, but the Western Australian Government knows and now has an opportunity to do something. For over a decade these fisheries have killed our endangered sea lions, and it’s dragged on and on.

Our sea lions are threatened with extinction. They can’t wait any longer. So it’s down to us to kickstart urgent reform.

Tell the WA Fisheries Minister it’s time to create areas free from gillnets to protect foraging Australian sea lions.

Let’s get fishing nets out of their feeding grounds now!


Send an Email to Minister Kelly!

The previous WA Government bowed to fishing industry pressure and delayed protecting the waters around sea lion colonies for a decade. Tell the current Minister we want gillnet exclusion zones now – at least 20 kms out from their colonies.

We know that right now, the WA Fisheries Minister is considering this matter and working out what to do. He needs to hear from us urgently.

Your action does matter. Together we protected Australian sea lion feeding grounds off South Australia. With scientists, government and the fishing industry, we worked out what was needed to get the job done, and we did it. Now we know what our WA sea lions need.

tooni mahtoWA has been dragging its heels, delaying the changes needed. In the meantime, things have gotten worse. Australian sea lions are currently listed on our national environmental laws as ‘vulnerable to extinction’, but due to ongoing deaths they’ll probably be listed in a higher risk category, acknowledging that they’re one step closer to extinction.

Help stop our sea lions from drowning in Western Australian fisheries today.

Tooni Mahto is the Threatened Species Campaign Manager at the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

By Tooni Mahto, a Blue Ocean Network contributor


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