marine life, dolphins, ocean conservation, marine life, marine mammals, marine conservation, Dolphins are one of the earth’s most beloved creatures and we have long been enthralled with the intelligence and speed exhibited by these highly social, marine mammals. These animals have amazed humans for millennium and been depicted in the mythology and art of many of the world’s cultures.



Dolphins have Always Been Part of Human Culture

220px-Akrotiri_dolphins, minoan art, dolphins, frescoes, save the dolphins, sustainable choices, marine conservation They were seen on 1600cBC, frescoes decorating the Minoan Palaces in Knossos, Crete. Greek mythology often depicted them as helpers of humans and their likeness appeared on many ancient Greek coins. Dolphins and porpoises have been subjects in the art of the Americas from the Nazca of Peru to the Pacific Coast cultures of Canada.



Dolphins are Being Slaughtered

220px-Dolphin_slaughter_in_Taiji_Japan, marine conservation, save the dolphins, sustainable choicesSeeing dolphins riding a ship’s wake was considered a good omen, unfortunately today the luck of many dolphins has run out, especially those caught in drive hunts, the most infamous of which is held annually in Taiji, Japan. The cruel killing techniques used by the fishermen of Taiji were shown in the award-winning film “The Cove”.



Breaking News: Massive Pod of Bottlenose Dolphins Caught at Taiji

Just as I was posting this article, an alert came in about the most recent dolphin entrapment at Taiji Cove. Heartbreaking account that illuminates the necessity of signing onto our protest. See Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project at


International Demands Have Been Ignored

There have been repeated international out-cries to stop the dolphin dive hunts at Taiji without success, however with Japan preparing to host the Summer Olympics in 2010 and the world’s attention focused on Japanese tradition and culture there could not be a better time to apply pressure on the Japanese government to halt the slaughter and capture of dolphins.


Add your Signature to the Tens of Thousands that have Signed to Protect Japan’s Dolphins

sjd-logo_1, Save Japan Dolphins, marine conservation, petition, dolphin conservation, sustainable choicesYou now have an opportunity to join with the International Marine Mammal  Project and sign their petition to save the dolphins of Japan. They will present the petitions to Prime Minister Abe and the heads of the Japanese and USA Olympics Committees demanding an end to the killing of dolphins. Go here:  to see the latest updates on this campaign and to add your signature to the thousands that have already done so.

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