beltsazar/Shutterstock , green sea turtle, endangered sea turtle, hatchling, sea turtle nest, endangered sea turtle Your Blue Ocean community is truly worldwide and today we are reaching out to our Ocean Tribe to bring a petition from Suriname in South America to your attention. We hope you will consider it. At stake is the Braamspunt Beach which is an important site used by endangered sea turtles for nesting. Unfortunately the Ministry of Natural Resources has given permission to mine the very sand that the turtles build their nests upon. (photo – beltsazar/Shutterstock)


Two sea turtles, the Leatherback (vulnerable) and Green Turtle (endangered) lay their eggs at Braamspunt. These endangered sea turtles are both Keystone Species. The Green sea turtles or “Krape”, are one of the few large species of herbivores that eat seagrass and help to maintain healthy seagrass beds. Also these beaches have a role for sustainable turtle tourism upon which many small businesses and families depend on.

Consequently saving the habitat of these endangered sea turtles has both ecological and economic values at stake. Please read this petition:

PETITION: Protect the sea turtles – Stop sand mining at Braamspunt, Suriname

Consider signing and sharing the petition (link above) with all who are concerned about protecting our fragile ecosystems on which we all depend.  Thank You.

WATCH:  ‘Sand Wars’

Learn more about this global issue in “Sand Wars“;  An investigative documentary by Denis Delestrac, this 2013 film reveals the environmental damage to beaches by the highly lucrative and often illegal beach mining that is devastating shorelines around the world. Here is Denis Delestrac’s TEDx Talk:


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