blue ocean business summit, blue ocean summit, ocean change makers, ocean marine conservationists, ocean issues, Speakers from Blue Ocean Network’s Blue Ocean Business Summit 2014 and 2015 will be sharing their knowledge and unique perspectives at the upcoming Asia Dive Expo ADEX Singapore 2016 (April 15-17).

Summit visionaries and ADEX presenters include Judi Lowe, Chloe Harvey, Jim Toomey, Shawn Heinrichs, Michael Aw, Jill Heinerth, Sharon Kwok and John Thet who will be featured as part of the ADEX’s Main Stage, Scuba360 Business Forum, Film Festival, Book Festival, Photo/Video Zone and TekDive Conference.


judi_lowe, ocean changemaker, ocean actiist, marine conservationJudi Lowe (Summit 2015)
Judi brings her experience as a Lawyer, Accountant, and Marine Tourism PhD researcher, to present “Dive Tourism and its impacts on Marine Conservation and the livelihood for local fishers” (April 16 and April 17) at the Scuba360 Business Forum (April 16-17, 2016). Judi Lowe will also be moderating a lively panel discussion on Sustainable Marine Tourism on April 16.


chloe harvey, green fins, save our reefs, ocean activist, ocean change makerChloe Harvey (Summit 2015)
On the ADEX 2016 Conservation Main Stage, Chloe will present Green Fins Saving our Reefs with the Green Fins Toolbox. Chloe is Scientific Director at Green Fins, an initiative of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) that increases public awareness from the national to local level that supports coral reef conservation and reduce unsustainable tourism practices.


jim_toomey, shermins lagoon, ocean artist, ocean changemaker, blue ocean summitJim Toomey (Summit 2015)
The handiwork of Sherman’s Lagoon cartoonist Jim Toomey will be presented during the Film Festival at ADEX 2016. In partnership with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Jim has developed the animated video series “Two Minutes for the Ocean.” Using humor and clear and simple language, Jim explains the role oceans play in our lives and our very survival.


shawn heinrichs, marine biologist, blue ocean summit, ocean activist, ocean conservationistShawn Heinrichs (Summit 2014)
Featured this year at the ADEX Film Festival is the movie “Racing Extinction” to be presented by Shawn Heinrichs on Saturday April 16 during the show.  Shawn is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer, photographer, and founder of Blue Sphere Media. His work as a marine conservationist lead to a starring role in this award-winning Oscar-nominated movie.


At the new ADEX Book Festival:  Michael Aw and Jill Heinerth are two of the many featured authors offering personal insights and book signings in the inaugural Book Festival.

michael aw, marine biologist, underwater photographer, blue ocean summit, ocean changemaker, protected marine areasMichael Aw (Summit 2014)
Award-winning photographer, Director of the Ocean Geographic Society and Founder of Asian Geographic, Michael Aw will present highlights of his Elysium-Shackleton Antarctic Visual Epic and Elysium Artists for the Arctic on the Book Festival stage during the opening evening of Friday April 15.



jill heinerth, cave diver, blue ocean summit, ocean author, underwater photographer, underwater filmmakerJill Heinerth (Summit 2015)
Pioneering underwater explorer and We Are Water filmmaker, cave diver Jill Heinerth will present The Basics of Rebreather Diving and The Essentials of Cave Diving 2nd Edition on Saturday April 16 on the Book Festival stage.  In another session, Jill will present her new children’s book Chester the Manatee and the Very Very Terribly Bad Itch, along with The Scuba Divers Guide to Underwater Video.


In the Photo/Video Zone: Shawn Heinrichs will presenting “Creating Art in Underwater Photography” on April 16. Michael Aw will be presenting “How to Win Underwater Photo Competitions? What are the Judges Looking For?” on Sunday April 17.

During the TekDive Conference (April 16-17), Jill Heinerth will be presenting Bermuda Deep,  The Science of Cave Diving and an Expedition Video.


doug_mcneese, sustainable dive business, blue ocean summit, ocean activist, scuba diving, sustainable tourismDoug McNeese (Summit 2015)
As President of Scuba Schools International and on the leadership team for Blue The Dive, Doug McNeese is committed to bringing his certification agency into the forefront of marine conservation education. Doug believes it is not only a moral imperative, but a fiduciary duty of business to take a leading role in protecting our ocean.  SSI will be offering a member update at the Scuba360 Forum on opening day April 15, 2016.


sharonkwok-150x150Sharon Kwok (Summit 2015)
During the Main Stage show finale on Sunday April 17. ADEX Ambassador (2015-2016) Sharon Kwok will be presenting the latest work from her Hong Kong-based AquaMeridian Foundation. The mission of AquaMeridian is to engage the public in conservation issues and environmental protection activities in and around the influential Asian market of Hong Kong.


john_thet, ADEX, asian publisher, marine conservationist, ocean changemaker, blue ocean summitJohn Thet (Summit 2015)
Founder of Underwater3some and the Asian Geographic Society, Publisher of Asian Diver & Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA, UW360 E-Magazine, Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET, Executive Director of the Historical Diving Society Asia, John is also the Executive Director of Asia Dive Expo and mastermind behind the new Scuba360 Business Forum and the new Book Festival. ADEX is the largest show of its kind in Asia bringing together over 41,000 Ocean Lovers to its 3-day show in 2015.


aurie wilson., blue ocean summit host, ocean action, ocean conservation, custainable choices, change makerLaurie J. Wilson (Summit Host)
Blue Ocean Network’s founder (and host of the Blue Ocean Summit), Laurie J. Wilson will share the profound insights of the Summit’s 56 ocean movers and shakers during the two-day Scuba360 Business Forum to be held at ADEX Singapore 2016.

Through Laurie’s online Blue Ocean Summit interviews with ocean experts in the scuba diving, marine tourism and ocean conservation worlds, ADEX Singapore 2016 attendees will hear from some of the top thinkers in  such as Her Deepness Dr. Sylvia Earle, Ocean Ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau, Award-winning Film-maker Rob Stewart and Ocean Legend Stan Waterman.

Blue Ocean Network Supports ADEX
Blue Ocean Network and its Blue Ocean Summit is a proud supporter of the Asia Dive Expo and contributor to Scuba360 eMagazine and Scuba360 Business Forum. The first of its kind in the region, the Scuba360 eMagazine is a quarterly B-to-B publication that focuses on all things related to the business of scuba diving.

adex_2016_Asia dive expo, ocean event, singapore, ocean action, ocean issues, marine conservation, climate changeThe Asia Dive Expo, ADEX has expanded two-fold from 20,000+ partcipants in 2010, to over 41,000 in 2015, making it the biggest confluence of divers in Asia. Over the past 6 years, ADEX has put marine conservation on the Main Stage by spotlighting marine life in peril including Sharks (2010), Sea Turtles (2011), Manta Rays (2012), Whale Sharks (2013), Coral Reefs (2014), Dolphins (2015) and Seahorses (2016). In 2017 ADEX will spotlight the biggest environmental issue of our time, Climate Change.

ADEX 2016 will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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