SheEO is a new global initiative designed to radically transform how female social entrepreneurs are financed and supported using a model of radical generosity.

This year 50 women in both the US and Canada were selected as having what it takes to be a top SheEO, and Melody Saunders Brenna, the co-founder of Reef Life Restoration Nano Science, has been named as running one of the top 25 SheEO Ventures in the US.


Top SheEO of Reef Life Restoration

Reef Life Chosen TOP 25Women in BusinessVentures USA InstaMelody Saunders Brenna  CEO joined with Dr. Konstantin Sobolev, the chief nano marine scientist at Reef Life Restoration to save the world’s imperiled coral reefs.

Reef Life Restoration offers a variety of ways in which coral reefs can be protected and restored using engineered, cast, artificial reefs. For example: safe anchorage mooring stations built by Reef Life can protect fragile coral reefs in harbors, marinas and on dive sites.

These artificial reefs can be customized for application in wave break, reef and shoreline protection applications to prevent coastal erosion or to protect sea creature incubation areas.

Coral vita logoWorking with Coral Vita, and other coral farms, Reef Life Restoration can provide customized, living coral colonies with enhanced resiliency against warming ocean temperatures and acidification for transplanting onto damaged or degraded reefs. For more information visit Reef Life Products.

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About SheEO

SheEO is a new venture capital funding model based on bringing together a group of 500 radically generous women “Activators” to support female social entrepreneurs in their region.  The 500 SheEO Activators each donate seed money into a revenue generating pool that is loaned out, at low interest, to 5 women-led ventures selected by the Activator group. These loans are repaid and then loaned out again, creating a perpetual fund for worldwide financial support for future generations.

The 500 women become the de-facto ‘team’ of the 5 selected ventures, bringing their buying power as early customers, their expertise and advice and their vast networks to help grow the businesses.  With a guided development program (monthly coaching) added in, the Ventures are deeply supported to accelerate their success in an environment of radical generosity, designed by women for women. Learn how to apply for venture funding here. has a goal to build a $1 billion venture capital fund for female founders of social enterprise.  Social ventures are selected based on a number of criteria that show they are creating a better world through a new model, mindset or new solution to better humanity.  Over 500 regions have applied to replicate this model in the past 2 years.


Funding for Ocean Entrepreneurs.

There are many women social entrepreneurs working in the ocean space. Are you one of them? Perhaps you qualify to become a SheEO Activator: Find out here.


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