Polar Bears by Underwater Photographer Amos Nachoum BigAnimals.comOcean People from around the world gathered for Blue Ocean Network’s “Blue Ocean Summit” on December 5, 2016. The free 5-day event was a magnet for ocean advocates, with a record-setting 1,982 attendees participating in the live recorded Ocean Summit interviews and connecting in the online community hub.

The Summit theme, “Uncommon Leadership in Transitional Times” brought together 14 specially selected ocean change-makers who have taken to heart Dr. Sylvia Earle’s TED Prize-winning call-to-action:

“Use all means at your disposal – films! Expeditions! the web! new submarines! more! … to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet.“ ~ Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue.org

Polar Bear as Ocean Summit Icon.
As a poster species for melting glaciers, the Polar Bear was the Blue Ocean Summit mascot, chosen for it’s surprising ability to adapt quickly, and in astounding ways, to rapid environmental change. The iconic image of a mother polar bear teaching her cubs to navigate chilly Arctic waters was captured by award-winning wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum who kicked off the Blue Ocean Summit with a live streaming interactive video broadcast from Tel Aviv. Amos offered his first-hand experiences with Big Animals around the world – including his inwater encounters with polar bears – and the impact of climate change on big animal life, local communities and humanity.

After a week of confabs with ocean experts, the Blue Ocean Summit closed with another live stream close-up with musician Parvati Devi and her husband-manager Rishi Deva who are deeply connected to the Arctic: Founders of Parvati.org, the couple are using their music industry clout to create a music Aid-style concert and campaign to create a second polar sanctuary in the north pole. Watch for it in 2018.

Uncommon Leaders from around the Globe.
Hailing from the U.S. Canada, Australia, England, Belgium and South Africa, the free online Blue Ocean Summit included eleven additional video interviews with ocean changemakers who embody uncommon leadership, including: Artist and Mission Blue manager Courtney Mattison; Sustainable entrepreneur and Ocean Impact founder Ief Winckelmans; Champion Free Diver Meghan Heaney Grier; Shark Scientist and Ocean educator Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza; Elysium Artists for the Arctic Expedition Leader and Ocean Geographic founder Michael Aw; NY Times bestselling Blue Mind author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols; Award-winning journalist and Ocean Country author Liz Cunningham; Award-winning Ocean Media Institute filmmaker Gianna Savoie; Executive Coach and Change Agent wayshower Lizzi Larbalastier; Sustainable tourism expert Daniel Ponce-Taylor; and Deep Sub innovator Liz Taylor, who is also the daughter of Dr. Sylvia Earle.

Want a Fast-Track? Get the Guide.
For those who missed the Blue Ocean Summit, or for attendees who want to dive deeper, the Official Ocean Summit Resource Guide is available hot-off-the-press in February 2017: This treasure trove offers a fast-track through the Summit and includes: Ocean Summit highlights, transcripts, tools, resources, and access to the popular Summit Speaker Rolodex. Learn more about the Blue Ocean Summit Resource Guide.

About Blue Ocean.Net and the Blue Ocean Summit
Launched in 2014, Blue Ocean Network created the first-ever online Ocean Summit gathering of people deeply connected to the sea: In its three years, the Blue Ocean Summit has attracted a caring and action-oriented community of ocean changemakers, who come together to connect, get inspired and tell their stories. The Blue Ocean Summit is housed at BlueOcean.Net, in a fun and safe community environment for learning, sharing and lively discussion, allowing attendees to connect with each other and to the featured speakers. In just three years, the Blue Ocean Summit has brought together ocean and sustainability experts from more than 20 countries.

Mission to connect you at a deeper level.
Blue Ocean.Net is on a mission to create and support powerful ocean change around the world: Blue Ocean Summit community members expand their social network, learn how to use their personal connection to water to up their impact, and create whirlpools of positive change. The 4th annual Blue Ocean Summit will be held December 4-8, 2017 in a ‘portal protected area’ at BlueOcean.net. To learn more, join the community, and be first in line for the next Summit, visit BlueOcean.net.

Hope in your inbox.
There’s hope in change. Get Ocean Updates – a round up of ocean progress – that help keep you inspired, engaged and an agent of change. The Blue Ocean Summit community tracks, instigates and shares positive moves forward at BlueOcean.Net.

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