rainbow_reef__sustainable diving, sustainable marine conservation, ocean issues, ocean activist, (Blue Ocean Network.com – May 14, 2014) – Riding with the Whales Productions has put together a traditional three-camera sit-com showcasing dive culture and is reaching out to the dive industry for support in raising awareness, and raising money in a kick-starter campaign.

The proposed sitcom “Rainbow Reef” – a fish out of water comedy – is centered in a local dive shop starring Ed Asner & Danilo Di Julio will begin production this August. The show is all about Jack McGowan a white collar New York stockbroker who has to change his ways when his boss is arrested for insider trading and he loses everything except a run-down scuba shop left to him by an Uncle he barely knew.

With a big enough voice the creative team at Riding with the Whales Productions can garner the attention of network executives when it goes up for network sale. Already, the support from the dive community has been amazingly positive and is the most essential part of Rainbow Reefs campaign.


To Support Ocean Awareness

Rainbow Reef will sponsor and support ocean awareness projects of all kinds through show topic, merchandising and financial backing. Ten percent of all Riding with the Whales Productions profits will go directly to charity.

Partners are being asked to get the word out to as many people as possible about their Kickstarter campaign, Facebook & Twitter accounts. It asks that dive businesses share the news of this sitcom with its customer base by sending direct emails, Facebook posts and Tweets.


Shot In Hawaii

The show will be shot in Hawaii and is already receiving show product support from Hawaiian based companies as well due to a lucrative  tax incentive program from the Hawaiian government.

Just some of the people involved in supporting the show are: Dive Training Magazine, California Diving News, The Scuba Show, Scuba & H2O Adventure Show, Dive News Network, Scuba Radio, Ocean Technology Systems, Submersible Systems, SCUBAPRO, Scuba Girls and more.

The links below will provide details about the show, its creative team, cast, crew and direction of the show. For further information on how to join the many companies already on board as sponsors & supporters, contact Executive Producer and show creator J.T. Quinn @ jtquinnfilms@yahoo.com anytime.