The Hill-Getty, energy star program, sustainable energy, sustainable choices, The U.S. Congress is getting push-back from dozens of companies urging that the popular Energy Star program not be eliminated, as is reported in The Hill.

3M, Philips Lighting, Intel and Johnson Controls are some of the major names that have joined with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Alliance to Save Energy in backing the program. See our original post on this subject in: Trump Attacks EPA and Marine Protected Areas.

In a letter sent to congress they wrote “This voluntary partnership program … helps businesses, state and local governments, non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, homeowners, and consumers save money by investing in energy efficiency. (photo – The Hill/Getty)

The Energy Star program allows companies to label their products “energy efficient” if those products meet certain standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. The Trump Administration’s new budget severely cuts the funding to the EPA by 31% and Energy Star was one of the programs slated to be eliminated. Trump has vowed to do away with “bothersome regulations” but his cuts have largely focused on slashing climate monitoring programs.


Energy Star: a Highly Desirable Program

“Energy Star accomplishes several highly desirable goals at once: it helps consumers reduce high energy bills, promotes economic growth by stimulating investment in new technology, reduces pollution through cost-effective measures, and helps ensure the reliability of our electric system by reducing peak demand,” stated the letter to Congress.


Other News on Trump Administration’s Battle with the Environment

REUTERS/Brian Snyder, rick perry, trump administration, climate change denier, According to an article in EcoWatch. Sources have told POLITICO that “a supervisor in the Department of Energy’s Office of International Climate and Clean Energy told his staff to stop using the phrases “climate change”, “emissions reductions,” and “Paris Agreement” in any official written communications.” Ex-governor of Texas, Rick Perry now runs the DOE an agency he once vowed to do-away-with.

This directive was apparently issued shortly after President Trump signed his executive order reversing Obama’s climate and clean air initiatives. This also followed major staff purges at the  Department of Energy (DOE) during the Trump Administration transition period.

Liz Perera of the Sierra Club said  “Ignoring the climate crisis will not make it go away, will not create jobs in the booming clean energy economy, and will not make our country great.” She then added: The only place the climate is not changing is in the minds of those in the Trump administration.”


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