Make sure this little guy gets on your next “Invite” list, because no party would be complete without him. St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Mardi Gras, or Punk-Rock Hoedown, he will fit in no matter what the theme of your next bash, although he does like to grab the attention, what with his bright green Mohawk.


The Mary River Turtle!

Mary_River turtle reptile Chris Van Wyk endangered Punk-Rock Party Reptile is now EndangeredBut do it fast because he has just been added to the endangered list. The Mary River turtle, found only in Queensland, Australia is not only one of the most extraordinary looking reptiles, but also one of the most vulnerable. It sprouts green algae on its head and under its chin! The outlandish appearance has unfortunately proven to be its undoing. (photo – Chris Van Wyk)

Highly prized as a pet, they were the target of collectors who raided nests in the 1960’s and 70’s. Their numbers in the wild crashed, putting them 30th on ZSL’s Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (Edge) list for reptiles. as reported in EcoNews.

The Mary River turtle should be on your party list, especially if your parties tend to get a bit raunchy. You see this reptile breathes through gill-like organs within its cloaca, that’s an orifice that they also use for dumping and sex.

Little confusing there, but it does for some reason allow this turtle to stay underwater for up to three days. Free divers might want to consider the possibilities of this.

endangered Mary river turtle reptile queensland australian Punk-Rock Party Reptile is now Endangered


A Chia Pet Dinner Plate

So, you can see why this 40c long reptile (don’t ask me why turtles are classified as reptiles and not amphibians, look it up) that sometimes looks like a Chia Pet dinner plate would be a very entertaining addition to family gatherings during the holiday season or maybe just a little informal chit-chat. (photo –


By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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