A year ago we posted a video of a sea turtle that had impaled himself with a straw. The video had gone viral, reaching millions of viewers, bringing to them, in graphic detail, the plight of sea turtles worldwide.


We Love Sea Turtles

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Sea turtles are some of the most beloved and amazing marine creatures. We flock to beaches around the world to witness the birth of new generations of sea turtles and to see their first tentative steps as they re-enter their watery world. (photo – people.ucsc.edu)

emaze.com, sea turtle, world turtle dayWe follow their annual migrations that take them thousands of miles and we shudder when we see images of them entangled and drowned in discarded fishing nets.

Scientists inform us of the massive amounts of plastic debris that sea birds and marine animals ingest. As reported by the Ocean Conservancy, last year alone their volunteers collected more than half a million, plastic straws and stirrers. Plastic debris that is often mistaken by sea turtles and seabirds as food.


Join Us In Signing This Petition on World Turtle Day

world turtle day, burt jonesIn celebration of World Turtle Day it is very appropriate to unite with the Ocean Conservancy in asking you to join in signing their petition. Join Ocean Conservancy to help create a healthy future for sea turtles.

The Conservancy is asking the US Congress to ensure that programs like NOAA’s Marine Debris Program, that keeps trash off our coastlines and takes on the global threat of plastic pollution, remain fully funded.

At a time when President Trump and Scott Pruitt, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency are slashing research and conservation budgets it is of enormous importance that we let our Representatives in Congress know that these vital programs demand our continued support. (photo – Burt Jones)


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