Join With Defenders of Wildlife to Protect Polar Bears

polar-bears, global warming, climate change, ocean issues, conservation, endangered speciesThe Polar Bear is the iconic symbol of the Artic wilderness. Unfortunately this wilderness is becoming less wild. With global warming and the melting of Arctic sea ice the environment of the Polar Bear is changing dramatically and threatening the very existence of these majestic animals.

Today there is more shipping passing through the Bering Strait and surrounding Artic Waters. The fuel that these ships use is mostly heavy fuel oil, making every ship a potential environmental disaster if a collision or spill would occur. Heavy fuel oil is almost impossible to clean up in cold Arctic waters consequently it has already been banned on shipping in Antarctic waters. There are other fuels that are available that don’t carry the same potential risks.

Join with the Defenders of Wildlife to ask government officials to consider a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil on shipping in the Arctic. Visit the Defenders of Wildlife website to read their petition letter at:


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